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  1. Just put a new battery on my 9.9 evinrude. The battery is fully charged at the beginning of the day, but at the end of the day, key start doesnt want to turn the motor over. I have to pull start it.
    Not being too familiar with these motors, what are the things I need to check.
    I am somewhat mechanically inclined so tell me what new parts i might need and i can replace them.

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  2. double check that the batt post are tite , don;t think a 9.9 would draw a batt down to where it would not start? what else you using of that battery? and the charging system off a 9.9 is not all that good . may be the new batt is bad , have a test done on it , if your using a trolling motor , a 9.9 won;t build up the charge as fast as you use it. there more like a trickle charge. and one more thing that we all should do , lube the starter shaft where the gear fly;s up to the fly wheel.

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    did it charge the battery before? they do not always have a charging system.shut everything off and start checking for amp draw with a voltmeter. i had a short in 1 of my appliances.