Boat and trailer stuck in mud boat storage area at Berlin Lake

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  1. I have my boat and trailer stuck in storage area in muddy area. I just read that if I lowered tire pressure from 35lbs to 23 this would give me better traction. I don't want to get my suv stuck again, its not 4 wheel drive. Any suggestions or tips. I am going to check my boat insurance to see about this being covered. Doubt it since its off road.
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    Get someone with 4x4 to pull it out.
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    Or someone close with a tractor.
    How big/heavy is the boat?
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  4. 3500 to 3900 lbs. I am in farm area and that is good idea
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  5. I did ask the guy who helped me, but he said his tires were not good and he did not want to get stuck. But he was able to pull my SUV out backwards.
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    Being in farm country, thinkin the tractor route may be the way to go.
  7. Yes, its farm country for sure and I will check and see who is nearby with a tractor. I also know local tow truck owner and will see what he will charge.
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  8. be very careful you can bend a axle ,rib something loose real easy, maybe better to wait for a few days of sun.
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    Post your general location? I'm sure someone here may even be nearby and willing to help.
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  10. The boat is on 224 less than 1 mile from deerfield circle.
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    A chain and a come-along
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  12. What is a come-along
  13. You'd be wise to partially jack it up out of the mud first. Put some wood blocks & boards in the craters that are under the tires so you don't damage an axle when you're pulling it out. If you connect on to it with something big there's always the possibility of doing some damage to the running gear.
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  14. It's a portable block and tackle pulley portable type winch. Google it...
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    Fireman Mike has a really good idea!
  16. The trailer is not really in mud. The mud is where my SUV was in the front. Where the trailer is sitting is wet but not mud. I talked to local tow truck owner and he said that his trucks are too heavy to drive on mud and to let the area dry out. He said he could winch it out, will wait and see. I am going to see about 4 wheel drive truck or suv.
  17. Thanks to all for your tips and suggestions. Today was sunny and windy, did yard work headed out to boat and trailer around 3. I felt it was safe to try and all went well. Now to find outside boat storage area at $20/25 a month.
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