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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Keith R, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Keith R

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    While I have been searching to get another boat to replace the one I just sold, I ran across a 2002 Trophy Model 2509 25' with a Merc 225 HP EFI Saltwater outboard. Boat only has 90 Hrs. but my concern is that the boat would be under powered. What do you guys think. I would have to fly to go look at this boat as it is in southern Georgia, and don't want to waste the money and time if this is the case. Thanks for your input.

    Keith R.
  2. What is the max hp for the hull?

    I googled 'Trophy 2509' and found plenty of them for sale equipped with 225 hp motors. Some of them had 150 hp motors.

  3. PapawSmith

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    It's underpowered if you plan on racing bass boats ;) . A lot of 25' boats run single screw IO's with 305-350 CID motors. While these motors are usually rated at HP ranges from 250-280 a significant of that is lost thru the transmission process to the lower unit. In reality they are about 200-230 HP at the prop. In an outboard there is not that loss, 225 is 225. Factor in weight and performance characteristics between the two and you find that the 225 outboard would probably outperform the same model with a 350 CID IO. I think a perfect setup on that boat would be twin 115's overall or twin 150's for more speed.(And more money and more fuel).
    Good luck, if it's what you want I hope you get it.
  4. I would think it would greatly depend on your definittion of "under powered". I think the boat would have enough power to be safe and be pwerful enough to handle some rough seas. Personally on a 25 I feel it would be underpowered for me, I feel I would rather have more power than I need, you are the one at the controls, just cause its there doesn't mean you have to use it. And one other thing to think about is the smaller the motor the harder it has to work.