Boar's Head ramp @ East Fork

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  1. does anyone lnow if the ramp near boar's head is open or is it still closed? might go there this weekend. just wanting to know ahead of time what ramp i need to go to. thanks, doug
  2. still closed.(as of last week) might want to hit the one by the damn

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    I thought they were letting non-campers use the campers boat ramp since the regular one on that side was closed.

  4. i called the park office and was told the boars head ramp will be closed til next spring for repairs. they also told me the docks at tate rd ramp stay in year round. so i guess we'll use that this winter. doug
  5. anyone catching any slabs?

    Half afraid to go down there with the unusual water levels for this time of year. 3 hour drive for me ya know.

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    I hope they are truly fixing it because that ramp sucks.
  7. i talked to a guy who fishes there alot last night. he said they are exttending the ramps to make low water launching safer. i got the impression they are doing this to all ramps, but not all at once. tate road ramp already extends deeper so it is the safest for low water launching.