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Bluffton Sportsmans Club not worthy

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by davycrockett, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. davycrockett

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    Another thread got me fired up(nw ohio forum -Buckeye Quarry) After growing up and living in Bluffton for 21 yrs. I purchased my annual sportsmans club membership to fish in the annual trout (circus)derby. Back then you could fish the National quarry with a state license.Then a few years after I moved from Bluffton the club took it over and then required a membership to fish it. I wouldn't have a problem with it if they would stock the quarry with something other than trout and make the place a better place to fish. Other than the annual trout derby which is basically a "Trilene Tanglefest" the club does nothing any other time of the year to raise money to improve there club. I haven't bought a membership in 15+ years and recently had a conversation with one of the directors. After he listened to my concerns he replied by asking me if I liked playing poker. The club meets on Wednesdays for Poker night and all members are welcome. Whatever. When I was a kid the club used to stock some trout the day of the derby in the nextdoor community pool next to the Buckeye.. As kids we had a ball. Then when the new pool was built the old pool (used for the kiddie derby) was filled in. So now the youngsters are expected to have fun fishing in the quarry? How are we going to get kids interested in the great outdoors if we are not encoraging them? I suggested several ideas to this director and allhe could say was that the club couldn,t afford anything but the stocking of the trout. The problem with the BSC is that the same directors have been in for a long time and won't listen to new ideas. Its time to get them out and get some new blood in there. I just feel like a sportsmens club should promote outdoor activities year round not just on Wed. nights and in May. I've considered buying a membership just to attend the meetings and raise cain. I'm sure it would fall on deaf ears. Sorry about the ranting, I'll shut up now!
  2. Hey Dave when did you live in Bluffton because my mom grew up in Bluffton. Also when we go up there to visit my grandpa i take my little brother to the quarry and just wet a line for a little while. So are you saying that you have to have a membership to fish in the quarry? Do you know Smitty The Barber? Richard Smith that is my grandpa.

  3. Hey Davy give the guys a break, maybe most of them prefer fishing ( I know I do ) As far as the poker nite if you don't like it don't go. As far as the Bluffton Sportsman Club if you don't like it don't join it that's whats great about this country we have choices. Have you ever checked out the Leipsic Hunting and fishing club outside of Glandorf? That's a nice club and they do a lot of different stuff. I think they have about 60 acres with a rifle range a bow range and a couple of real nice ponds for fishing. :)
  4. It was once stated some where and I adhere to the words myself
    I would never join a club that stooped so low to have
    members such as myself in it :p
  5. I think that was W C Fields. "I'd never join a club that would have me for a member".
  6. woody allen also used the line in one of his movies