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bluegills for bass

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TPaco214, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. any of you guys ever use live gills for big league largemouths? i tried it for the first time on saturday and caught a 2 lber, 3 lber, and 23 in. 5 lber, all on 6 inch live gills hooked thru back like a minnow...all fish came under a bobber....these bass were absolutely crushing those gills....the 3 lber hit so hard i got a full spray of water in my face...also when un-hooking the 3lber...i found a hook point sticking out of its gut...when i pulled it out...a 6 inch plastic lizard followed!.. pretty wild...he may not have been able to feed properly and was prolly pretty hungry, which might explain why he slammed my gill so hard...btw...the gill flew off the hook and onto the shore!!! when i picked it up, the bass had hit it so hard it was dead!!! someone got a hell of a fight from this fish it looked like.. .with these live bluegills, it seemed that if a bass was in the area, the second my gill hit the water it got very exciting and explosive fishing....give it a try if u havent yet...ill try to post pics in the next day or two. all fish were released btw
  2. Perch

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    Used one in a creek , about 25 yds off lake Erie, and caught a 5.5 lb was neat..I sight-fished him in the Gin Clear creek water............Catch and released..........

  3. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Tpac, today I tried it for the first time at Friendship Lake , No hits but something chased it all over the lake. I hooked it threw the lips like a shiner, maybe my hooking was wrong. thanx for the tip......Think Ill try it friday.
  4. im not sure but i thought it was illegal to use gamefish as bait. i think someone should look into that before someone gets in trouble
  5. I did that once at a private pond in Chardon. I was catching bluegill and I knew there were some pretty big bass in there so I kept a live bluegill on there and I casted it out and left it while I went to go ride a minibike around the woods. When I came back, the bobber was no where to be seen and when I started reeling in, there was a pretty big bass on. Of course he got off because I was only using a #6 hook, but it was cool to see it happen.
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    as long as you catch the bluegill legally (hook and line) you can use it for anything you want. the only confusion is that gamefish (bluegill/bass..etc. cannot be cast netted or seined like forage fish (suckers/carp/chubs/shiners)

    just a little warning about using bluegill.
    you end up making the larger fish that much harder to catch in the future because they wise up quickly to this. if you think it was difficult getting them to hit an artificial before....
  7. No it is not illegal to use bluegills or any other legally obtained fish as bait. Basically if it is legal to keep then it can be used as bait. It would count against any creel limit that would apply however. There is precise wording in the ODNR regulations and if I can find it I will post it here.
  8. Most of the time when I try bluegill for bass, it always seems like the bass can never seem to catch the gills. (When using them under a bobber.)
  9. agent47, i hooked my bluegills right behind the dorsal fin with a big worm hook about 18 inches below a small bobber...the bobber was more to help keep the gill on top b/c i was fishing shallow water that had tons of gunk on the bottom. anyways, i tossed it right into a tiny opening within a huge tangle of rocks, standing timber, and aquatic vegetation ---basically a bass hotel...thx for the tip newbreed...although i think im safe from educating these bass b/c i only fish this pond 3-5 times a year during our family camping trips in the summer and this was my first time tossing live gills for them. my favorite all tiem bait for this lake is a white buzzbait. this lake doesnt get too much pressure b/c its a long haul to it...about 2 miles (no vehicles allowed)....i use my bike so it isnt too bad to get back in there. newayz agent 47, one thing i might suggest is if ur using a good sized gill (like 5 or 6 inches) like i was, if u get a bite let it go for 1 or 2 seconds b4 u set the hook. my thinking is since its a big mouthful it might take the bass a moment to actually get the thign, and the hook, far enough into its mouth to where u can achieve a good hook set. good luck. msmith2004, i know what u mean. the first fish i caught with a gill took 3 tries b4 he caught it....water was flyin everywhere and i got pretty it was cool watchin him attack taht gill over and over again until he got it.
  10. I used a bluegill to catch a MONSTER bass at my cousins pond 2 years ago. It was on the bed and he wanted nothing to do with what I was throwing......but would chase all the gills away real quick. So I caught a small one and hooked it through the tail with no weights or anything, just a hook and my line. I went through the tail not the meat - and when that bass chomped - I pulled! Hook came through the tail of the gill real easy and right into the mouth of that bass!

    Was the biggest I've ever caught - didn't have scales, but it was around 8-9.5lbs easily.
  11. dang now thats big...sweet
  12. I did that at my campground fishing pond a couple years ago. This one day I went to fish and noticed a big bass near shore on a bed cleared out in the muck. I swear I spent an hour trying everything I had with me and only got looks. Banjos, rubber worms of all colors and sizes, lizards, leeches, etc. The fish just looked at them, and sometimes me! Then I said awe screw it! I set up a small rig to catch the little blue gill, got one small enough and set it up with a hook and bobber. I hooked the blue gill on the dorsum right in front of the dorsal fin with a good size hook. As soon as the blue gill hit the water that bass nailed it! I couldn't believe how fast that fish hit that poor litttle gill! After that I felt as though the fish had been trying to tell me what it wanted that whole time, a sweet little blue gill served on a silver platter(hook)! I used that technique off and on, but felt guilty, like I was cheating or something. But, sheesh, the way that bass hit that thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. A friend of mine does this at his private pond. He hooks it through the back and then clips off one of the fins to slow it down in the water...that help tremendously.
  14. When i was a kid i used to catch smallies on bluegill at a quarry in sandusky area. Usually could not catch them any other way. We brought in some monsters hanging 4 to 5 inch bluegills under big bobbers. Too bad they destroyed the quarry a few years back, It was some amazing fishing.