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Bluegills @ Ceasars ?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by hunterm, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. I'm taking a man from church and his two young boys to CC Weds evening for a couple of hours of fishing, they are new to it and want to learn.

    Figure bluegills are the best bet but have never really targeted them at CC. I'd appreciate a tip on a good area to try. Only have about 2 hours so don't want to spend to much time scouting. I'm in a boat so not limited to shore.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hey Hunterm,

    If bluegill is what your going after, then just pick a spot! This time of year, bluegill / sunfish are pulling really close to the bank.

    Best area: Wellman Meadows (south ramp) or the pier by the 73 bridge (like you are going to the beach).

    At wellman there are paths you can take. One good spot is directly off of the northwest end of the parking lot. it's about a 10 yard walk down a path directly north to the shore. Nice area to fish plently of room and not too far. You can also get some HUGE drums at that spot by fishing crawlers off the bottom. The other paths off the the west will walk you along the banks back into the cove, eventually ending up at a spot we call the "point".

    Stop by the spillway bait store (on the way to wellman meadows) and pick up some wax worms (spillway has the fattest ones I've seen). The gills will go crazy after them.

    I've got up to 30 gills an hour on the south end, all sizes. I don't have too much luck on the north end with gills, but the seem to be larger when you do catch them.

    Hope this helps

  3. Like JC said, any cove in the south end of the lake will produce gills, and some nice ones too. Last year around this time (maybe a couple of weeks later), I was catching one after another on a super small floating rebel minnow. As soon as it hit the water, the bluegill would come up and grab it. This works great under trees and near falldowns especially, I guess because they are used to stuff falling in the water. I even had a carp suck in the minnow, but I did hook him. It's a lot of fun to catch the gills this way. But have those wax worms with you as well. Can't beat those. If you put in at the Wellman ramp, take a right, go past the the no wake zone, and head straight across the lake, heading a little north. Hit the pockets in the coves up there. It is no wake throughout in there, and it tends to not have as much fishing pressure.

    Good Luck!
  4. Thanks for the info! I'll let you know how we do. I fish CC for 'eyes in the spring when I can't get on the river but have never targeted the gills. I had these guys on the river one evening early this spring before all the rain and they each caught a cat but it was a bit of a wait between hits. The boys did pretty well but they are 1st and 3rd graders so they got fidgety after awhile. I figure putting them on some gills for a couple hours will be good. Let them get a feel for the catch'in part of fish'in. :D