Bluegill Spawn Is On !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Time for a fish fry ...LOL!!!!
  2. Congratulations! What a mess of fish! It looks like there are some real nice ones in there. Any info on your method/bait? I don't target them much but I thought about doing it here soon. I caught a few nice ones the other day while getting the crappie but I was not able to get on them consistently. I wished i had some waxies at the time.

  3. bobber...hook and a night crawler piece..thats it !!!!
  4. I am not normally a big fan of gill fishing but when you can get into fish like that it is fun. I am going to definitely take waxworm or crawlers this Saturday when I get out again. I found some huge nests and was able to coax a few strikes from there but our catch rate I am sure will go way up with bait. Thanks for sharing the picture and info.
  5. Nothing better than fresh gills fried up! Nice job.
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    Nice fish you got there !! I have been catching alot of them too. But I use them as Bait more often than eating them. I have saw some dandy Slab Gill's come from Lake Logan this week. I bet your son loved that kind of fishing, Its great to see him so happy over Bluegill, I bet he had fun. ;)
  7. It's just to much fun , my boys are lovin it !!!!...Bring on the oil fish fry !!!!
  8. Going to head back out tonight when it cool's down , these Bluegills are very addictive ...and GREAT EATING!!!!..If anyone is in the area and want's to hook up and go fishing for gills let me know, I usally fish by myself or with my boys , would love to hook up and meet some of you guys , I will let you know how I do tonight
  9. where did you get those gills?(lake). do you know where those mogadore redears live?
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    Where do you call home?? Those 'Gills look mighty tasty.
  11. Chuckie
    ...No I do not know where those mogadore redears live
  12. Do you fish ??
  13. Hey Fish On. I live in southeat ohio(barnesville) and fish by myself a good bit because anyone I try to take either fools around too much or gets too drunk and ends up in the water. I'm not the best fisherman but I can slay the gills with the best of 'em. Hit me up with a pm if you are in the se ohio area sometime and need someone to go.
  15. I don't get it. Why do people bring back dead threads like this????