Bluegill ponds around Hebron,Buckeye Lake or Pataskala

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  1. Anyone know of any good Bluegill/Farm ponds between Buckeye and Pataskala that are open to the public?Any advice is very appreciated
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    becareful with that question the save the bluegill foundation will be after you.

  3. I'm just lookin for some new ponds to take a hand full of gills to fish for catfish with.I don't take to many from the ponds I fish in now just because I don't want to affect the population to much.Just 7-8 here and 5-6 there every once in a while.I'm not tryin to eat every single thing with fins I can catch;)
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    I hear you. Just some uptight people on here
  5. how I find ponds is on Google Earth. Just look for them, find the streets they're by, and ask people on the OGF is you can fish them, or who owns them so you can ask permission.
  6. I've used Google Earth to find lots of ponds near me. Then I got injured and haven't been able to drive and get out fishing very much.
    I live near the former Pope's Pay Lake off Rt 33. Does anyone know what happened that it closed? Does anyone know who owns it to get permission to fish it occassionaly? If there wasn't a major fishkill, I'd think it would be loaded with fish just dying for some yummy worms, etc.
  7. I've tried Google Earth.I just saw the ones I knew of.I was just seein if any of you guys new of any.I need bait for the weekend!!!!!:B :p
  8. its hard to find new ponds. I know from first hand experience. Good luck in your search, with I could help more!
  9. Not a big secret but never seen it on the web eather lol, the north shore at buckeye lake state ramp. Walk to peir out to the right of it there are alot of old pilings float a crawler in there when the gills are in I have seen buckets of them takenout of there. The inside cornercast strait out.
  10. Excellent.I know exactly where your talkin about.Thanks alot.I was actually thinkin about goin right there,or the channel at Liebs Island or maybe takin the boat over to the marsh.
  11. Joey,there is a TJ EVANS park in newark on MT Vernon rd (st rt 13) .it's up past Deo dr on your right.There is about 4 or 5 old stone quarries the city bought.There is everything in there,northerns,stripers,lg & sm mouth bass,perch,red ears,blue gills,cats,trout.Just go to the harder places to access off the beaten paths.You will need to go to the downtown ,parks dept and purchase a permit,I think it's 15 bucks a year.Some nice fish are there.Just im me if you want specific details but it's well worth the 15 bucks.They have catfish and trout tornaments there too as well.
  12. I've been there.Its great fishing.I was just looking for some place closer to Hebron.TJ Evans is like 25-30 minutes away:(
  13. Hey Joey you drift for cats on buckeye out in front of papa boos?
  14. SurePup,
    Popes Pay Lake - Are you talking about the one right before you get to Dills Green house on the Right if you are coming from Columbus? If so, I know a few years ago when we had that major drought almost all the pond was dried up - Ever since then it has been closed.