Bluegill glider

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  1. Hey everyone and a Happy New Year!

    Well since that icefishing has gone to pot. I decided to make my own bluegill to cast and reel in. It is a 6" bluegill musky bait. It has a little foil on its sides and glass eyes.

    Kinda heavy. 5.25 oz. A fast moving bait.

    It is great seeing everyone starting to build again!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what is coming from everyone! Some incredible stuff you guys are building!!!!!! :) Keep up the great work!




  2. Very Nice. I like that scale pattern on the gill. What type of mesh/netting did you use to get that pattern, or is it a foil?

  3. That thing is going to get blasted! Good stuff, John!
  4. That's gonna get smashed! Those big gill covers have got to give that one a nice head shake!

  5. Nice bluegill John, is that molded or wood???

  6. Thanks guys!

    Rod , it is wood. I did add on to the wood in the head area. I tried to give it some 3-D. It is a bit of a pain trying to glue on something so thin on to foil. I have another one that I am working on that I may have to throw away. I don't know what happened. I may not have mixed the epoxy all the way and it is oooozing out from under the gill plate.

  7. Beautiful work, looks like its under glass.
  8. awsome work john, detail, color,finish, i wish i had 1/10th of your talent or vince or husky rowhunter, or anybody on this forum.
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    Looks very sweet John. I really like the gill plate area, the eye is cool too.