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June 9th. I picked up my grandson at 10:00 for a bluegill fishing trip. We stopped off at our mom & pop bait store to get some red and wax worms. We got to the lake at 10:30 and my grandson had a bluegill on the first cast of the day. I felt this was going to a great day of action, but then the bites got slower and slower. We pack it in a hour later for the bites stopped together. My grandson suggested we try another lake so that is what we did.
12:00 we had our lines in the water. Were getting bites and catching some bluegills. My grandson brought along a bait casting rod for catfish.

Once we had a small live bluegill he put that on for his bait to see what he could catch. He had the rod propped by the cooler and was fishing for bluegill when I heard the rod fall off the cooler. I ran over and grabbed it before it slipped down the bank. He came over and fought the fish; it was a nice channel cat. When we got it up the bank we measured it out. The catfish turned out to be 4.4 pounds and 23 inches long. It was beat up from spawning with a red mark on the head and side.

The sun was baking us with no shade, so we headed home at 13:55. I did beat him at the 2nd lake but overall he caught more fish again. This time it was, me 18 bluegills to his 19 bluegills 1 crappie and the big catfish..Going to the second lake did payed off, all the fish that swallowed the hook I kept as bait for future catfishing trips.
It was another great time being together with my grandson; one of these days I might actually catch more fish than he does. The river is due to go back to unfishable levels by the end of the week, so not sure when we can get out in my boat.

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