Blue Rock Creek

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  1. was wondering if anyone has ever fished this creek that feeds into the gmr. It feeds into it right across from New Baltimore. was thinking about trying it but wasnt sure if it is big enough or if there is anything in it.
  2. I was wondering that as well. I live about 5 mins from blue rock rd. i live on poole off springdale off bluerock :p

  3. Ajax

    Ajax Rapala Snagger

    I may be fishing in that area on Saturday. I never thought that creek would hold enough water. And I'm not too sure if there is public access.
  4. I know a spot where you can get acess. You can fish at the the mouth of it from one of the acsess points on the GMR.
  5. Well if its decent fishing that would be a great little spot, doesnt involve using half tank a gas, lol.