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  1. Just bought a 6ft 2 man, ya right, blowup boat for AEP ponds. Buddy here at work thought I'd better check the regs. for if it needed to be licensed. Well I guess the state will get you for any thing they can, whatever it is. Do the belly boats need to be licensed after all they are blowups? And what kind of decals or id letters can you put on since they do get deflated and packed away? Won't the standard boat sticky back letters come off? What kind of stuff needs to be in a blowup? Life jacket and an oar of course. Do i need an anchor, flag, flare, whistle?
  2. You will need a license unless things have changed since I had an inflatable dingy for my sailboat. Mine had a line that went around the boat and I made license holders for both sides out of 1/4" plywood and varnished them to make waterproof. Might have been some marine plywood I had lying around, but don't remember. I put the license & numbers on the boards and tied them to the lines around the boat.

    I also think that they make numbers especially for inflatables, but I'd opt for the boards to be sure.

    As far as safety equipment, it's a boat and subject to the same laws. If you just row it, you will need less.

    I once saw a ranger in Beaver Creek State Park citing Boy Scouts in a group coming down the creek as a group. The ones without numbers were hauled out. This was a long time ago so not the present rangers.

  3. The boards sounds like a good idea, thanks. I just checked ONDR and I don't need an anchor but I do needs lights???? A battery lantern will work. It would need a horn, only federal waters only, Tusc. Mahon, and Ohio rivers and lake Erie. Don't need an anchor on a boat less than 14ft. did not know that.
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    As far as your numbers go, you can pay less $ and get "regular" numbers or pay more $ and not run "regular" numbers but still a plate that you have to mount and show.