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Blooper - ATTACKED : Man vs. Muskrat !!!

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by zpyles_00, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Ok folks, put your imagination hats on. I'm goin to try an paint this scenario for you as best as I can. This is a true story. Happened to me about 3 years ago.

    It's saturday morning, about 30 degrees, overcast skies and a beautifull light snow falling. My father and I are heading out onto the ice just as we do religously every weekend during the heat of the action early ice season here in Ohio. You can hear every sound nature has to offer, between the ducks anxsiously awaiting deployment to their feeding grounds, the overwhelming ammount of black birds flying and the local dogs barking, the only foreign noises to be heard is the snow packing beneath our boots and the distant growling of fellow ice anglers augers chewing through the ice.

    My father and I head straight to the spot where just the morning before we had filled a 5 gallon bucket half full with 8-9" gills, a bakers dozen of 9-13" yellow perch and just a few crappies. We pop a few holes in and immidiately were on fish! My father being the stubborn person he is, chooses not to sit in the shanty ( as usual ) so I quickly set it up for myself. ( I enjoy the privacy of others not being able to see if your onto fish or not )

    About a half an hour goes by and I can hear one of those big air pockets that often gets trapped under the working its way towards my holes. No bother of course, the air pocket comes up through my ice holes & gurgles a bit.

    Everything to this point is perfectly normal, but for some reason unknowst to me till this day, out of pure curiosity I lean way forward down towards the ice holes for a closer inspection.

    The next thing I know, within a split second, water is being splashed in my face and i'm staring Face-to-Face to the biggest, fattest, meanest muskrat i've ever encountered !!!! This thing didnt have teeth ooohh no, he had FANGS!

    Immidiately I jump back, almost falling off my bucket, slamming into the back wall of my shanty, I probally screamed like a girl LOL. In the proccess of all this ruckuss, I managed to kick the access doors to the ice holes shut so im trapped in my shanty with this saber-toothed muskrat. Now I learned a few things about muskrats in the proccess..... They BARK.... They HISS.... They GROWL...... and worst of all, they can JUMP about 3 FEET HIGH.

    By this time from my fathers line of view and hearing of this situation only being a few yards away, he is hollaring " What in the hell is goin on.... What are you doing !!!! " ? It's looking like WWF inside of my 2 man shanty from his line of sight. Every time I would start to reach down to open the access lids or the doors to the shanty, that lil monster would start barking and hissing at me. If I would use my foot to try to fudge it open he would lunge at me ! I'm bout ready to gaff this thing by now.

    By this time i'm feeling like a little kid being forced to watch a horror flick then being locked in a dark room with the boogie monster!

    After a few minutes of WWII inside of my shanty, my father finally come over and opens the shanty door from the outside. My father said he's not sure who came busting out of that shanty faster, me or the muskrat ! Once he had realized what it was that was causing all the comotion, i'm not sure that I have ever seen him laugh soo hard before or since !

    Of course now everytime we go ice fishing, he never ever ever lets a moment go by where he can razz or crack a joke about me and that muskrat. Looking back, I now to think that it may be the funniest thing that has ever happened to me and I normally do not pass up an oppritunity to joke about the incident either, but rest assured, it sure as hell wasn't funny at the time!

    The best thing about the whole situation is that I got to experience that then "nightmarely" now "hillarious" experience with my best friend, my father, and I know that that is a moment that will never be forgotten and will be able to share together for all time.

    Well hope you enjoy !
  2. bill_gfish

    bill_gfish Well, Gee Whiz!

    They are aggresive and you described them pretty good. A guy at work was with his cousin, who is a trapper/hunter. they saw a muskrat in a side ditch and he was told to get out and get it. Now, you can flip a muskrat on the end of the nose and kill it, IF you can get to it. The rat turned on him, got on its back feet, hissed growled then got down and chased him up the ditch. Fastest that 350 lb. man ever ran.
    In your case I would have had to air out the shanty and then change my drawers. Great story, thanks for sharing.


  3. catking

    catking Banned

    That is a very good story !!! Thanks for sharing............ :) .~**~
  4. wow i got a visual on that one...great story thanks!!!
  5. This was highly unexpected. The NAFC ( North American Fishing Club ) paid me a pretty penny to let them publish this story in there Feb. 2007 Magazine issue.
  6. LOL LMAO, That story was very visual. You couldn't have told it any better. LOL I'm still laughing!!!
  7. I've had them stick there heads up the hole I'm ice fishing in several times also. I gues they thought I was too ugly to attack! Good story!
  8. Great story!!! I can sit here and see it happening!!!LOL :D
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    Great story!
    I sure wish I was there!
  11. that would be halariuos to watch. how did they find out about ru story? what lake was this on :D
  12. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    Bob saget says if theres no video... its just another "You Had To Be There" moments
  13. This was only Indian Lake.

    A Video would have been awesome, and quite embarassing lol.

    I think I put it on one of the forums on the NAFC website, and like a year an a half later, I get an email with there offer.
  14. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    I know another guy that this same thing happened to at IL, except he was just sittin on a bucket. His hole was acting funny and all the sudden a rat popped up through it, knocked him off his bucket. Well im sure it was the sudden scare that shoved him off the bucket.

    Wonder how them rats show up on a Vex?

  15. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    You should have just kicked him in the ice hole. ;)
  16. Here's another one for ya. A buddy of mine talked me into going raccon hunting with him and his father in law.. Every one had miners light on our heads it will light up a city if need be.. Well one guy carries the bag of raccons that you shot on his back and this happened to be my friends father inlaw im walking behind him when all the sudden he starts screaming and takes off running with his arms going in all directions and runs off into the darkness.. This is my first time out and i have no clue whats going on with his father inlaw and im freakin out cause i have no idea what was wrong.. And now im waiting for what happened to him was about to happen to me.. My buddy chases his father inlaw down and then i hear this laughing comeing from the darkness. Well what had happened was one of the raccons wasnt really dead and was reaching his hand out of the bag and grabbing my buddy father inlaws ear.. Needless to say that was the reason he was trying to get that pack of raccons off his back as fast as he could.. :D
  17. LOL I've heard of that happening before.

    Had that happen to me and a buddy of mine out trapping one day. Had a rat decide to "wake up" in the bag.
  18. Seems to me there was another incident on the ice that involved Cory, Husky Hooker and a pug dog! I still laugh about that one! I'd hate to mess it up by not telling it right, so maybe Jim can tell it like only Jim can tell a story! :D :D
  19. The article is in the NAFC Febuary issue. pg 64