Blanchard River Bass

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  1. My buddy finally talked me into trying some ultra light bass fishing in the Blanchard river. We have found 4 spots in the past couple of trips and belive it or not we are getting both smallmouth and largemouth bass from the same holes. The fish had been on the small side but last Sunday evening the one little tiny spot produced 12 smallmouth all over 14 inches in just 15-20 minutes. The little spots are so small they only produce for a short while then the fish smarten up I guess. So we move on to the next spot. They are on both sides of Findlay, I started with surface baits but last weekend I used F3 Rapalas a good time for sure. Look for riffles dumping into a calm area (hole). Cast so the bait is swiming in the current up the "chute".
  2. cool,..I wonder how rubber worms or crawdads would work in there.

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    They might be Kentucky Spots that you are catching and not largemouth. They look about the same,but tend to be smaller than a LM. Check their tongue and see if there is a toothy patch. If so it is a Spot. I catch all three from the creeks around here, but alot of people don't realize that they are catching spots. A 14'' spot is a really nice fish, where a 14'' LM is not that big. Sounds like you're having fun. Good luck
  4. How far West (towards Ottawa )did you go? I live in Ottawa-river looks pretty grimey over here.
  5. A spotted bass is a largemouth, they are the most common and are pretty much the same all over. As far as I know there are no redeye or florida strain black bass around here.
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  7. :) Ok, except for most bass fisherman considering spotteds as a subcategory of largemouths and the fact that they are listed in the identification paragraph for largemouths on the division of wildlife page you posted,......ya got me. Now get out there and catch some largemouth spotted bass ! :D
  8. Sounds like you are having fun,only suggestion is always carry clippers for lure changes,the water is polluted.A friend of mine almost died from a bacterial infection he caught from biting his line.He fished behind rawson park in findlay,at warm water discharge.shadowalker
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    It looks like they're only listed in the description paragraph for largemouth in order to explain the contrast between markings. At any rate, I'd love to go catch some largemouth spotted bass! :) I've never caught a spot, that I'm aware of anyway. I guess I'll have to start checking for teeth on the tongues of all the "largemouth" I catch while river fishing!

    Maybe I should start by catching something other than rock bass...:eek:
  10. As far as the bass go they looked like normal largemouth just a bit smaller than I would like that goes for any bass under 20 inches. The smallies were a pleasant surprise for me.
    So this past weekend I went up to the AuSable river near Oscoda and fished for smallies with leeches, I ran out of bait(36 leeches 24 crawlers) drifting holes for smallies, probably landed 35 to 50 on Saturday evening, plus rafts of tubers (drinkers) floating down the river, lets just say swimwear galore, this old mans dream day.