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Blanchard River and Findlay area report!

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Carpman, May 22, 2007.

  1. Well, I spent the past two days fishing the Blanchard river. I have to say the fishing is good! I tried for cats after dark the first night, under the 75 bridge! Got one 22" channel and about 5-6 bullheads! Would have liked to have more bigger channels, but you'll have those days!

    The next day, well today, I fished below the dam on river drive! The water was really low there, but did manage some fish! More bullhead of course, a drum, and a couple pan fish! No smallies, so that's the only thing I was disappointed about!

    All in all, great two days! Thanks!
  2. I have been catching White Bass and Walleyes on Findlay Reservoir #1 trolling along the bank. There have been alot of poeple on the bank doing pretty good also. I talked to a guy last week that caught a 10 pound Walleye on #2 drifting with jigs and a worm harness. As far as the Blanchard goes I havent fished there in years and have no desire to.

  3. I fished findlay res.#2 one night last week and was catching white bass. I only had a few small sunfish to use as bait so some of the bites didnt result in much more than a chewed on sunfish. But they were really active. If I had a bucket of minnows I think I could have done a lot better.
  4. Were any of them crappie carpman? I'm gonna be wading the Blanchard later today lookin to catch anything but crappie would be a big bonus.