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I don't fish the river much anymore and as a result I have a bunch of blade baits that I don't use. Most are 1/2oz and there are a few 3/4oz mixed in.

There are about 124 that are painted with hooks and eyes and are ready to fish. $100.00.

There are 37 that are painted with eyes but no hooks. $15.00.

There are 24 1/2oz that are unfinished and 11 1/4oz in unfinished nickel. $15.00.

I also have 132 walking sinkers from 1 1/2oz to 1/2 oz. $15.00

I would like to sell or trade them and the buyer pays shipping.

These are homemade and may have chips or nicks from rolling around the tackle box so feel free to make offers.


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