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Same on Erie.

I went out Wednesday. Waves were supposed to be 2 feet or less. But the swells were so bad that 1/2 way out of the Grand River you could see them at the mouth of the river.

We had had a storm Monday and it turned out the lake had debris, mud as far as 8 miles out. I got on the water about 8 and was back in around 2:30.

I wanted to troll for walleye and went out about 10 miles 70 t0 75 FOW at 300°. This is the area that the charters go to. Marked small schools of walleye and tried trolling threw them, above them and drifting and casting, counting down to them. Lost one at the back of the boat that looked to be about 20 inches. Stupid me. As I reached for the net, I must have dipped the rod tip. Only hit I had. Chatter on the radio was about the same. Very few hits, even for the guys that were out at dawn.

Swells settled down about noon and wind switched to from the east. I was getting tired so I came ion and switched to perch. Boats were scattered from 60 FOW to 25. Every body was searching for active perch but all we were seeing was a few is at a time and almost no hits. Not even white bass or sheephead.

I guess I was weaker from the hospital thing last week than I thought. I was really getting tired so I came in. Talked to the Fishery Biologist and he said that all the reports he had been told since the storm were about the same. Perch will scatter and it takes about three days for them to settle down and group up again.

He did mention that they were catching walleye in Ashtabula same for perch but they had a storm and small craft warnings Tuesday evening.

We are having a storm right now and Friday prediction is severe storms and flooding. There goes the weekend.
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