Black Squirrels

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  1. Anyone know any public hunting areas where black squirrels can be found? Im located near cleveland s the closer the better. I was working in Chagrin Falls today and saw one for the first time.... I thought to myself, man i need one of those mounted :) Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. littleking

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    tons of them in lima area

  3. The black squirrels were imported from Canada to Kest State University by a prof. Slowly but surely they are spreading outward. Saw my first in Geauga County maybe two years ago. So the closer you get to Kent Ohio the more black squirrels you will find. Probably someone on this forum has them in there backyard and would allow to pop one if they have enough land....
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    You can hunt and get plenty of them at Berlin Reservoir. Kill all the black ones you can (legally).
  5. where at berlin I live about a mile and half from and have never seen one
  6. never hunted berlin... do they allow rifles? Theres a place in Auburn but its shotgun only.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. Maybe Atwood Lake area. We have tons of them in Bolivar just a few miles away. It's rare NOT to see one out in the yard here.
  8. They're all over the College of Wooster!
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    west branch definatley has them have seen many there
  10. We had a black one that would always hang around a white one on my farm.
    We called them salt and pepper.
    Pepper actually got caught in a transformer and got cooked.
    I have not seen a black on since.
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    mdl91881......I vote with nicklesman on the Public Hunting area at West Branch.....This is a easy drive from Cleveland down 480 to 14..... or east from 44 and south to 14.....and on to WB. Plenty of room to hunt. Great country to hunt in and it does contain black squirrels.......Been hunting there since early seventies....and I prefer the woods and areas on the south side of the lake. If you make it down this way, good luck and safe hunting to you.... PS....I'm sure that there is a super nice one there, that would look good mounted on a piece slab wood (bark on) and hung on your wall....Jon SR.
  12. Uglystix,
    I have never heard that you were not allowed to use rifles (22 lr, 22 wmr) at West branch. I hope you are mistaken as I frequent the hunting areas there with my 22 lr. Please point me in the direction of the rule stating the illegality of it.

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    no rifles at west branch i would stop that immediatley contact odnr or west branch park only for coon hunting you can use them I believe
  14. Come over to my house with a BB gun and shoot 1 off of my bird feeder. I hang some feaders for my birds but every time I look out my window I have at least 6 black squirrels hanging from them.
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    Upland game species are well distributed throughout the wildlife area, in crop fields, shrubby coverts, grasslands, and woods. The best rabbit hunting occurs in the brushy upland along field edges and woods borders. There are several good squirrel woods on the area. Deer populations are good offering good archery and shotgun hunting opportunities. West Branch State Park is open for hunting, but the northeastern section of the park, which is bound on the west by Rock Spring Road and on the south 100 yards beyond the lake shore, is closed to hunting. This no hunting area includes the park office, camp area, horse camp, dam, and east boat ramp. A 400-foot no hunting/safety zone extends around all other developed facilities. Hunting is limited to shotguns and primitive weapons for most game. Rifles are not permitted for squirrel hunting. Rifles are permitted for furbearer hunting only, between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the furbearer hunting season. Trapping is permitted in all hunting zone areas. Target shooting is prohibited. Contact the park office for more details.
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    If you work out in Chagrin Falls, you are not far from Auburn Marsh wildlife area. There are blacks running around there.
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    Guys, i am looking to get into some squirrel and rabbit hunting. i have read the regulations a couple time mas far what you can use and where. firgive me if i have misread it but if i am not mistaken the Auburn Marsh area is strictly bow only from what read. They do not allow firearms at all. i cold be wrong double check the regs i could be wrong.
  18. silverbullets

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    You are not allowed to gun hunt for deer at Auburn Marsh. You can hunt small game there though
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    i dont hunt them, but where i live in solon they are everywhere! literally i see them much more than brown squirrells. i guess i take it for granted, but ive alwyas seen them evrywhere as long as i can remember. it seems odd to me that theyre so rare.