Black Lake NY?

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  1. Up rt 81 in northern NY near Canada. Can anyone give me any info on this lake? Is it worth the drive and is the fishery solid?

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    Do you know about
    A good place to go for new york lakes info.

  3. We fished Black lake 3 years ago .the 1st week in June a cold front came in acouple of days before we arrived and kinda messed things up .we caught alot of nice bluegill and a few bass but no pike .You might call up to Mcclears cottages and get more info ,they seemed to be the most informative and decent place to stay.
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    BLACK lake is overfished and not even compairable to some of the other gold mines situated around that area
    If you have your own boat and its seaworthy try the 1000 ISL. or Henderson Harbor/Chaumont Bay. If you know what your doing you cant go wrong in these areas.

    If your wanting to stick with something smaller try BUTTERFIELD, MILLSITE or CLEAR Lake (all in same area). PM me if you need add. info.
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    I fished it last August for a week. We did pretty good and I definately enjoyed it, but I definately heard it was tough. But that's a relative term when your used to central Ohio. We didn't go up to the St. Lawrence but I think a good plan would be to stay at Black Lake and if it's tough fishing, just make the 30 minute drive to the 1000 islands.

    We caught about 20 fish per outing, big bass for the week was 4.5 lbs. We caught a lot of good 3 lb fish. We had a very specific pattern that was working for us, other boats weren't doing as good (at least that's what they said)
    No Pike caught, had one on for a second. It's a beatiful lake and has an abudance of places to fish and get out of the wind. I like the lake, but the previous post is probably correct by saying there are better fisheries in the area. It's about a 10-11 hr. drive.
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  6. I was there for a week 5 or 6 years ago.
    Numbers wise the fishing was great. Averaged 40-50 fish days most every day with a 3:1 largmouth/smallmouth ratio.
    Had a handful of fish 4lb. or better but most were in the 1 1/2lb to 2 1/2lb. range.
    Caught 'em a variety of ways. Flippin, topwater, frogs in the river...
    It was a fun week no doubt.

    If your interested in good numbers and much better average size I would suggest Chautauqua and it's a 3 hour drive on the button from Ellet.
    I go there every year at least once!

    Shout if I can be any more help.