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Black Iron.

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by SMBHooker, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. With it being the first day of summer, figured it was time for some burgers and dog on the grill. My son wanted to help, so I put him in ge of the potatoes. Took the big skillet out to the side burner. Son learned a little about cooking and a lot about good eating.

    20170621_180427.jpg 20170621_182846.jpg
  2. I love a good dutch oven as well. Plenty of good meals come from them. have me thinking about getting it out this weekend.

  3. Sear some veggies and fry some bacon and pour the grease over top of the bread. That is good too my grand dad called it dirty bread
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  4. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    Thinkin the bacon grease/grease over bread recipe is one that was carried over from the 'Great Depression' era. When I was a kid and my Great Aunt was still alive, I remember her talking of 'grease over bread' meals they ate often during the Big "D". Regular gravy made with flower and milk was a real treat and they didn't have that more than about once a month if they were lucky.
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  5. You would be correct on that Fastwater, my granddad grew up in Appalachia. That is also were I learned to use a dutch oven to bake biscuits for my homemade sausage gravy.:)
  6. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    Made some dutch oven garlic bread the other night. Kind of like monkey bread or pull apart bread, but seasoned with garlic and cheese. Very simple, will be taking this one camping...........


    12 - Rhodes frozen dinner rolls
    1/2 - stick of melted butter
    1/2 - tablespoon of garlic salt
    1 - teaspoon Italian seasoning
    1/2 - cup shredded mozzarella cheese
    1/4 - cup shredded parmesan cheese

    Thaw the dinner rolls in the fridge, but don't let them rise. Line dutch oven with foil and spray with non-stick spray. Mix melted butter, garlic salt and Italian seasoning in large ziplock bag. Cut thawed rolls into quarters and toss them in ziplock to coat with butter mixture. Spread bread pieces on the bottom of the dutch oven and empty remaining butter over bread. Top with shredded mozzarella and parmeasan.

    12 coals under the oven and fill the lid with coals.... guessing maybe 20-24 on top? Cook for 45 minutes. Check every 15 minutes.
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  7. I thought these interesting....even though at a cheap store. I don't think I've seen an iron wok before. IMG_1358.JPG
  8. That looks crazy delicious! Love fresh bread.
  9. Made some tasty venison egg rolls on the black iron. These things turned out amazing. My wife was asking for seconds.



    Here is a short but good vid if anyone is interested.

    I modified mine a bit adding some cabbage and grated carrots.






    I can't over sell how good these are!
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  10. Thx man...I'm telling u it was surprisingly delicious. Ya gotta whip a batch up. Goes well with a football game.
  11. will be using that one for sure SMB. Still have a couple packs of burger from last year that need used before I go putting more in hopefully this weekend.
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  12. The mini black iron worked hard on a recent kayak camping trip this past weekend. It's definitely worth bringing along out in the woods.



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  13. The wife picked this up at a Yard sale for 2 bucks, a little rust on the bottom but otherwise good shape, seems heavy and well made. IMG_20170928_103141174_HDR.jpg She also came home, bless her heart, with a box of old fishing lures :)
    Good luck and Good Cooking !
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  14. Wish someone would gift me some new to me iron. U got a good woman.
  15. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

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  17. I always anticipate the culinary part of your guys kayak adventures the most,when you post up your over-nite reports! You ML an flan do a great job with the food!
    I felt for you,having to turn down those chops on the new river trip! Even in the pics you looked spent! Kudos for toughing that one out!!!
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  18. bobk


    SMB, that picture of the charred dogs with the river in the background is pretty cool. Just looks like a relaxing spot to me.
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