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  1. I wasn't sure if this should be in camping, cooking, or here but was wondering who else here cooks with cast iron cookware? Any tips, tricks and how do you care for the stuff. Myself I love my cast iron skillets, they go on every camping trip and rarely leave my stove top. I have found the best way to season them is to coat them lightly with oil, put them in the oven upside down (Put foil under them to catch drips) and heat them in 20 minute 50 degree increments from 150-550 degrees. leaves a nice dry nonstick char in the skillet. When I am done cooking in them I immediatly pull them from the stove or fire knock all large food particles out, put a little bit of water in them, scrape them clean and dry them with a paper towel. It is nice in deer or fish camp to not have to spend alot of time cleaning pots and pans.
  2. 95% of the cooking in my household is done in cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, etc. I've become such a cast iron fanatic that I now give cast iron cookware as my go-to gift for friends and family.

    Here's a cleaning tip: if you have a skillet or DO with some fairly elaborate designs on the bottom or lid (which makes the piece harder to dry) just put it in the oven at 200 or 250 degrees for a couple of minutes. The water will evaporate. Then pull it from the oven and oil it up while it's still warm.

    The dutch ovens (or camp ovens) are great for feeding a crowd at backyard cookouts. Great conversation piece, too!

    I'll have to try your seasoning technique, as I'm not satisfied with the Lodge method.

  3. Yeah the lodge seasoning stinks. I take it off with steel wool and re-season my way. I forgot the end of the seasoning though, once the piece is up to 500-550 (Some ovens only go to 500, some to 550 either will work) turn off the oven and DO NOT OPEN IT, let the piece cool slowly inside the oven.
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    I have the giant Lodge skillet that goes to Ohio Power every Spring and we fry bacon, potatoes and eggs for breakfast,skip lunch and then fry bluegills and morels with asparagus for dinner most every night. In my Dutch oven we make venison chili and numerous pots of misc. "gruel"! Nothing like the flavor of food cooked in an iron skillet or dutch oven seasoned with bacon grease over a wood fire!
  5. A Little Salt Rubbed With A Paper Towel Cleans Iron Pretty Well.
  6. when I used mine regularly, I used crisco to grease them up, then put them on the stove and pre-heat. Seemed much more effective than baking them at 500deg.

    I'm afraid I'll scratch my new glasstop stove so I got a new set of stainless pots/pans.
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    I cook daily with iron, SS too depends on what I'm cooking. A couple things I've found over the years is never scrape clean with a metal spatula or clean with any steel wool. If something does sear to iron I scrape with a wood spatula, soak in soapy water and scrub with a green scotch pad. To keep them seasoned after cleaning I just put them on a stove burner on med/high to let it dry thoroughly then, while hot, put in about 2 tbl spoons cooking oil and rub in entire interior with a folded paper towel. Then hang well oiled till I need it again. I'ts alot less hastle than the oven and I've found they keep well. Nothing beats a well seasoned and cared for iron skillet for cooking.
  8. We always cook out of a Dutch Oven while camping at Salt Fork - we cook just about every meal out of it.......

    I've been cooking in dutch ovens since I was a small fry in the boy scouts. We used to camp in tents and cook all of our own meals too - during our summer camp - no staying in the lodge or eating in the halls for us!!!!
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    when you buy a new one just season it by coating the inside with cooking oil then put it in the oven on a low temp. setting for a few hours.
    after i use mine i boil it out,then wipe it clean,then lightly coat it with oil.just make sure that you never use detergent on it.
    you'll never have to buy another skillet.
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    I dont care for the "new" cast iron like lodge. I grew up on the stuff but as I recall mom's old stuff (dont recall the names) was quite smooth surface to start with then the seasoning and daily use it what gave it the non stick qualities. The "new" stuff seems to be really rough casted and takes forever to get a good seasoning on it, or I just went about it wrong but I dont think that was it. On a side note, my Dad collected the stuff at one time and I remember some of the old stuff is worth big bucks to collectors, the ones that had Indian head images cast into the bottoms and things like that.
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    When I get a new pan or oven i usually deep fry in it a few times always seems to season it well for me. I found vegetable oil gets sticky so if I'm going to store them i will use Crisco and bake them in the oven before storing them. Is there a camping forum here? if not there should be.
  12. Ya it would be cool to have a camping forum. Campgrounds too! I have taken the newer pans and sanded and blasted some of them. To much work to clean up. The smooth ones wipe out so the seasoning stays. You want to get your pans HOT to season them. Hotter than you cook. One of the turkey friers work well if you dont want to heat your oven up too 500. JUST BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!Also I found light oil and hanging my pans work well.
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    Great idea! I think a camping forum would be a great addition to the site and goes right along with the fishing, hunting and outdoors theme of the site.
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    I second that. How about it Mods?
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    Good idea guys...we will certainly look into it.
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    Just reminded me, when I was a kid, I remember my mom had a little cloth bag she made with salt inside it. In between pancakes she used to give the cast iron skillet a quick swab. They never stuck. I would guess the bag was seasoned after a while.
  17. My vote for a Camping Forum..... Frying a bunch of fish in them is a good way to season cast iron pots..
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    My frying pan never sees water. After cooking wipe it out, heat it up and clean with cooking oil until the oil comes out clean. Next use, heat it up and wipe it out with oil again then cook.
  19. Definitely agree with Fish2Day... had a whole set of cast iron fryers...had to move quick, so i gave them away...dumb move.