black crappie in neigborhood pond

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    this saturday went out after work and caught a 13.5" black crappie out of a little dink pond in west chester. I have caught plent of lm bluegill and even some catfish out of this pond. But never a crappie and havent heard of anyone else catching one there. I have fished this pond for 20 plus years. My thought is that someone through the crappie in there. I just cant see that there has been crappie all this time and no one has caught one especially if they are that big. I dont know much about crappie so I dont know if a large population could survive in a smaller pond. This pond is especially overrun with bluegill. Anybody have any thoughts on if it is possible that there could be more large crappie. I am going back this week to try and find out.
  2. There could be more but as you said the fact that you have not caught them before suggests that there may not be many. Crappie will survive in a pond but I have a pond that I fish that the owner put some black crappie in when he started the lake and I still catch some but never any small ones. I don't know whether they have been able to reproduce in there. If they are it is not in abundant numbers. I am sure some ponds can produce good spawns though.

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    BKR is right on. There are probably a few in there, but not enough to target. I have a few ponds I fish where they might give up one or two a year, but that is it. I've never caught them when i targeted them, only when bass fishing and they have been big. Crappies have a hard time spawning if the pond is not right for them or if there is not enough fish forage. Bass and bluegills can get along better on frogs, bugs, snakes, etc. But crappies like minnows.