Black Bear in Coshocton

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  1. This was a story in the Cols Dispatch. My question is why would he have to pay the $1,000 in restitution if he was protecting his family from a wild animal on his own property?? Is there more to this story?

    COSHOCTON—A charge of shooting an endangered animal was dismissed against a man who killed a 2-year-old black bear outside his home in July.

    John Tanksley, 35, said he shot the bear after it charged him and his girlfriend on the front porch of their home while they were trying to get the family dog away from the animal. Prosecutors dismissed the charge yesterday after Tanksley agreed to pay $1,000 in restitution to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

    He had faced up to a year in prison for the misdemeanor charge.

    Tanksley shot the male bear three times with a rifle about 2 a.m. July 23 outside his home near Bakersville in eastern Coshocton County. The gun was confiscated after the shooting but was returned to Tanksley yesterday.

    Wildlife officials said the bear went in the yard to forage for food in a garbage barrel that Tanksley kept on the property.
  2. Yeah, I don't get it either as to why he had to pay "restitution" if he can prove that the bear was on his property and endangering them. Perhaps the didn't buy the story of protecting himself. But if the shots were fired from the vicinity of his front porch then it sounds to me that he did nothing wrong.

  3. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there's more to the story than you see in that brief article. I recall reading about it shortly after it happened, and questioning his story.
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    There are four factors that the ODNR will look at. The bears ability to do harm. Was Mr. Tanksley and his family in jeopardy. Did the bear have the opportunity to do harm. And what was Mr. Tanksley & family's preclusion to avoid the situation.

    So it all depends where the bear was shot at (body wise). All bears have the ability to do harm. So if they were in the front of the bear as if he was charging it then would be justified. Thus the bear had opportunity, the jeopardy was they were going to be attacked, the preclusion was they had no other alternatives but to use force.

    If the shots were taken as the bear was retreating or minding his own business in a non-threatening manner, it wouldn't be justified b/c the opportunity wouldn't have been there. Mr. Tanksley preclusion was to just leave the animal alone and go back in the house.

    I with M.Magis, I'm sure this is way more to this story as well.
  5. Maybe the shooter should have smeared some donuts in its mouth, dragged it into the house and put a gun in its hand before he called the law.
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    Naaa, the cops would have got mad b/c they wasted a donut LOL


    The Fact That It Was 2 Am Makes Me Wonder ?
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    :) :) :)

    All you gotta do is shout, "He's comin' right at me!"
    Then you can shoot it...:p
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    Since when were Black bears "Endangered"? Doesn't every state surrounding Ohio, except Indiana, have an open season on them? I'd say any bear in my back yard is "Endangered", charging me, or not.
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    Ohio doesn't have many black bear. That's why they are endangered. It has been that way for a while, can't tell you exactly 'since when'.
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    not a chance i would have even mentioned it to the odnr. killed it to protect my family and went on my way with life. hes asking for trouble calling in barney and the gang from the odnr
  12. I seen a bear far off near wills creek last season, makes one wonder how many bears are really in ohio
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    probably had something to do with shooting the bear 3 times one shot should have sent it running.
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    I'd call it rare to see them in Ohio, but black bears are far from endangered. Snow Geese don't make it a habit to migrate through here much, but there are millions of them. Does that make them "endangered" here too?;)
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    Most generally black bears won't bother anyone. If you clap your hands they more often run off...unless you are between them and their young or corner one which feels threatened.
    I would like to see more around here and wish they would quit transporting them away when the catch one because of somebodys complaint.
    There is a worse problem here with coyotes that needs dealt with.
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    Any animal not given a season to hunt or mentioned in the game laws are protected. Does make me wonder why he had a gun there at 2 am with him and his wife just getting the dog in. Cant see him leaving to go and get it in the middle of an attack.
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    good thing we have the right to bear arms

  18. seethe303...I read your posting and thought how stupid...I then went upstairs and went to lay in bed and started rolling of laughter because it took me a while to catch the whole "bear" arms thins. That is so fitting for the story!
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    back in the late 70's early 80's my father was living in wyoming and there was a couple that were out riding horses on blm land, as they came to the top of a mountain pass a grizzly bear attacked the mans wife. the man shot and killed the bear. the man had to call for help because his wife was injured badly. once the sheriffe and game warden arrived they arrested the man for killing a protected species. he ended up spending some time in jail and had to pay a hefty fine. just food for thought, it wasn't 2 am either
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    Seems simple to me..
    Wife lets dog out to do his business..
    Bear comes after dog..
    Wife yells for Hubby..
    Hubby comes out with gun.
    Very plausible.