Biscotasing Lake, Ontario 6/28 - 7/5

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  1. The lake was very high with the tops of lilly pads and cabbage plants buried deep. Early week was rather cool with heavy rains with the second half of the week turning warmer and clearer. A light mayfly hatch was continual. This was the poorest week of fishing in my last dozen Canada trips. The lake has few large weed beds, we went to the far north end with extensive shallow weed beds and could only coax a couple small 18-20" pike into the boat each day. We tried the usual Wabler spoons, daredeveil spoons, bombers, rapalas, spinnerbaits, and i could go on for a while. The only thing remotely consistent approach was trolling shad raps along deeper rocky shorelines and then we only produced a few 22-25" pike on good days. We had a couple days where it took half a day to catch our first fish. The walleye were picked up trolling but the quantity most days was just a couple with the biggest at only 19". While I can be convicted of failing to jig enough, the neighbors at the camp jigged long hours and barely produced enough for a meal and they are Bisco veterens. The cabins at Biscotasing Sportsman Lodge are new, clean, and well equipped including satellite TV. At $396 for two out the door, that's reasonable.

    In conclusion, I am skeptical of pike quantity in Biscotasing. Wonder how dam water level control affects lake at spawn. We either had a bad 1/2 week of weather and super high water to hinder us (we've never had such bad pike fishing anywhere else) or the lake in not the best for pike. A dead Eagle fishfinder really frustrated us somewhat though. We're not big time walleye anglers so all I can say as they were there, but no one was hammering them. The lake is so large with so few boats and people, it can't be fished out. Bottom line: I'll go back to Remigny Lake in Quebec again or try Georgian Bay or West arm of Nipissing next year with a new boat.

    Notes to self: 1) Bring two fishfinders if made by Eagle/Lowrance as it will work at home and not at the lake. 2) A 50 mile graded logging road may be a bit too much for my EZ loader trailer with 12" tires and small springs, but I'll have a new leaf spring, fender, and lost parts on the passenger side in a week or so. 3) Bring more tools, bolts, and hardware for the unexpected trailer repairs when springs break and tires/fenders get destroyed by fender bolts. 4) Buy new boat with heavy duty trailer 5) Replace the numberous lost lures that were tossed and trolled in vain to catch the elusive 40"+ pike.
  2. Dang it sounds like you had a rough week all around. I have never been there but I can say that I have been going tot he same place for years up there and there have been a couple of weeks that I have sworn the lake was fished out only to come back the next year and find decent fishing again. Bottom line is some times you can hit a bad week altogether. Whether or not that is the case I have no idea but I know I have done it before. It just really sucks when it is your vacation and you don't get another chance to seek revenge till next year.:mad:

  3. Biscotasing is not fished out. Although it can be very difficult to fish at times.
    bkr43050 is correct - another week or two and it can be a diff lake. But if you don't go you won't know. It's a helluva a lot better then sitting on the couch. Good for you for giving it a go. I hear ya on the "Notes to self" ohiojmj - been there done that.
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    I know what you mean about those logging roads beating up a trailer. The last 4 years we've gone to a place up near Timmins, ON that includes a trip down a 25 mile logging road. Hopefully, when we go up this year my NEW leaf springs will hold up better than the last ones. It doesn't seems to make any difference if you go fast or slow on those roads, it beats the trailer either way.
    That's a good idea to bring extra tools, bolts, etc. I think I'll do that this year.

  5. I'm not sure you can ever bring all the right extra hardware in anticipation of trailer breakdown without loading an extra 200# into the boat or vehicle, but I recognized afterwards that I was a little out of my league with my van and 1200# rated trailer. I added up the boat, motor, batteries, gas, trolling motor, and miscellaneous stuff to discover I was right at 1200# if not a little over. I'm getting a new boat this fall (or spring the latest), so I'm not going to plan another trip over a logging road if I bring my boat.

    As far as having a bad week, I really didn't. I spent a wonderful week with my 19 yr old youngest son and caught fewer fish than in my dreams. Looking at the brighter side, I learned some things of value both during fishing and on the side of the road.

    Any opinions on the effect of high water on the bite? This lake was 18-24" above the usual levels, but certainly not muddy (rocky/sandy bottom). Iwas told the lake was much higher with recent unusually heavy rain. Maybe the recent heavy rains just flush the bait fish out from their cover and feed the keepers, but the pike did not have much in their stomachs (minnow sized fish and some mayflies, but not stuffed with mayflies like i've seen before).