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    After reading the neat Falcon thread it got me to wondering about how many OGF'ers are into birds and feeders. I'm very much a novice but do find it kind of fun.

    After getting moved we put a feeder up and it took 3 days before I saw a bird on it... just a single Junco... this morning I was treated to it finally being fully 'discovered' so to speak. I counted 27 birds between the feeder and the ground below it. Juncos, Sparrows, a pair of Cardinals, and a single House Finch and Cowbird. I also had either a Downy or a Hairy on the suet but spooked it when I walked by the window too quickly. Not a bad start IMO.

    I'd love to see some pictures of OGF'ers feeders/birds if anyone cares to share.
  2. CoolWater

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    Here's our first feeder we put up and our first bird... it was kind of surprising - I'd attract Juncos at the old place but never would get them actually on the feeder - always just on the ground below it.


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    I got some basic feeders to hang in the backyard last spring... just for my kids to play with and watch birds. Well, we filled them and within an hour they were all emptied. Swarms of birds just wiped them out. We tried it a couple other times and there are just packs of ravenous birds in our neighborhood. Still fun to do once in a while to give the cats something to freak out about.
  4. We have three feeders and attract all sorts of birds plus...........................[​IMG]
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    Thats a great pic! I hadn't heard of deer going to bird feeders, very cool!
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    I have always wanted to get a hummingbird feeder. I have never seen a hummingbird at my house, so i'm not sure how much use it would actually get.
  7. I only feed the birds during the winter months, black sunflower & shelled seed, & suet. But as far as humminbirds go I start around April, to about the middle of October. I mean they are COOL. But one MUST change the water (sweetened) every 3/4 days. It will spoil in HOT weather in 2/3 days. You MUST be religious about that. But they are so fast, Boom, they are gone.
  8. That's a big pic; thanks for sharing!
  9. We keep 3 different feeders up during the spring, summer, & early fall. We have a finch feeder to attract the Golden Finch & House Finch (plus the doves will help clean the ground underneath,) a hummingbird feeder, and a meal worm tray/cover for the bluebirds. Be careful if you start seeing Hose Sparrows coming to your feeders. They are not indigenous to this area, and are very aggressive. We have seen them kill broods of bluebirds and tree swallows to take over the nesting box. All three are in the back yard, along with 2 bluebird boxes, 3 swallow cups, and 2 misc. houses (usually taken by either the sparrows or swallows). This fall, we started to see a few blue jays coming over from the wooded area down the street, so we started putting down some peanuts in a tree bed in the front yard for them. In the winter, we just keep the finch feeder out. The finches & juncos have no problem with that.

    Good luck with your feeders

  10. Hook N Book

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    Got a couple of thestle feeders and a couple humming bird feeders. I've had the thestle feeders for about 25 years and the Gold Finch's always enjoy the extra food.
    I've never thought of taking any pic's but will in the future.
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    I love feeding the birds! I have 4 feeders up all the time, and when its "hummer" time I feed those too! My favorite little bird.... the chickadees :) WB
  12. for hummingbirds, plant some honeysuckle around the house as well as using well maintained hummingbird feeders. They fly up on our porch all summer long. If we sit quietly i've had them hover at the feeder 2 or 3 feet above our heads.
  13. [​IMG] Yep, Hummingbirds are pretty neat.
  14. Been feeding the birds for years, really enjoy it. This winter I have been buying feed from Tractor Supply. Every month I buy 2- 35# Bird seed mix, 1- 20# Black Sunflower seed, 4- Suet blocks. Also, always have on hand- Thistles seeds, cracked and kernel corn and a hunk of suet. About $40 something a month, but its worth it. All kinds of species coming, including the neighbors chickens;)