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  1. I'm in the market for a bird dog. Will mainly be doing upland bird hunting. I have grown up hunting over both labs and pointers. I love the way that a lab goes after a bird, I also love to see a good point. Looking for some advice regarding difficulty in training the two different types of dogs. I am leaning more toward a lab or a GSP.

    Also, if anyone has any good references for breeders in Ohio, please let me know. Thanks
  2. Tate Stratton, Stillwater Shorthairs, has great dogs. Currently has 2 NAVHDA Versitile Champions, including a littermate of my dog Grady. Gilly is Grady's Sister. He is in Ohio. 2nd suggestion... While he is not from Ohio...Richard Ray from Von Bergland Kennels also has really strong Dogs. Rich is in Summersville, WV. These guys are both handlers in NAVHDA and they always seem to have great dogs...

    My neighbor bought Grady's neice and she is an awsome pup. She had a prize II NA at 8 months. If I was to buy another pup, it would come from these 2 guys. Shoot me a PM and I will look the websites up if you are interested....

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  3. I am having a litter out a couple of my gsp's in the spring. The male has a Senior hunter title and the female has a Junior title. They are both great bird dogs. My male is at the master level and the female is at the senior level but with rising costs I have not been to any test in over a year. The male is DNA'ed and has been OFA'ed good. The female will have this stuff done before the litter is here also. Here is some pics of the dogs. I will also invite anyone to come see what my dogs are made of for yourselves. Thanks
  4. OHIOGSP, I don't believe you...However, being the fair guy that I am, I would be willing to take BA off your hands to see for myself ;) ...LMAO. I am just kidding Sir. I really love the looks of him. He is one awsome looking Shorthair...I was not sure if you were a breeder or not so I figured you would see the thread and post up any suggestions. I hope you are having a good season.

  5. Thanks, I am having a great season I just got back from Iowa. Hope to shoot some this weekend also. :)
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    We have a GSP.........Gus. He is a hunting machine. A bit high strung, but very loveable.
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    I am hesident to jump into this thread because people have a strong opinon
    about their dogs, but here goes. My father raised English Setters starting about 1960, we had as many as 20 at one time, and one thing I learned is
    that it takes a lot of time, birds, and $$$$ to get a finished pointing dog. Unless you are willing to do that, or pay someone to do it for you, your dog may not reach its potential. I do not have much hands on expericance with labs but I have hunted over others labs many times. They are wonderful dogs
    and suitable for upland game. If you will hunt mostly pen raised birds on the day they are released a lab will do find. If you intent to hunt wild birds or birds previously released most labs (not all) will have a difficult time putting running birds in the air for you. For the last 25 years I have used English Springer Spainels, I have found them to be very good dog for the type of hunting I do mostly released Pheannts and some wild. They quickly cover the ground and are fast enough to put up running birds. You can have one trained and hunting at 18 months. I do not sell them. If you have any interest call some breeders in the Gun Dog Magizine. The down side with Springers is a high energy level, they need to be exercised almost daily. Bottom line, do your homework on the different breeds, be honest with yourself about how much time and effort you are willing to put in, and what you expect out of the dog.

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  8. I'd be happy to take you hunting with my lab on some wild birds and surely change your opinion!!!;)
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    i don't think this is an accurate statement, i've hunted behind several labs that did awesome on both wild and pen birds. one of the labs was a pointing lab, and the other two were flushers.

    wild birds are much harder for dogs to pin down/put up as they run much more. but i don't think you can generalize breeds towards wild/pen raised birds.
  10. A well bred lab will excell at any bird hunting with proper training. They are excellent flushers on wild birds because they don't hang up on a point, allowing the bird time to run. They stay on that bird.
  11. Not to throw a monkey wrench into everything but I am personally in love with english setters. They provide a great point and can be easily trained to retrieve. They also have great noses. I've got two english setters that can find a bird like no other that I've ever seen. Just a suggestion.
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    Dakotaman, Thanks for the offer to hunt wild birds over your lab, I may take you up on it, wild birds are really hard to find up here. I hope my remarks didnt offend anyone, that was not my intention. My intention was to answer the Sportsmans orginal post. He was between a GSP and lab. For most of us a dog is a life long commitment (dogs life) and we should make ever effort to pick the right dog for us. I had a English Setter in the 70's that had been broken & trained from horseback. Great dog but ran too big for the type of terrain I was hunting, he was a Field trial dog and I was walking, not a good match. We need to ask ourselves a few questions before we choose. Will the dog be kenneled or live in the house? Will he be a hunting dog 2 days a week and a childs pet the other 5 days? What are the normal hunting conditions, crp, croplands, woods? What is the game Grouse, Phesant, Rabbit? Can the hunter keep up with a wider ranging dog? Is retreiving to hand a must? There are a lot more questions and the answers are different for each of us. I guess that is why we have developed so many breeds.

  13. I train dogs and I guarantee you I can make any dog hunt close. That is not what you want with a upland dog. The dog should range out and find birds that are farther away from you than a lab would get. Comfortable range is different for everyone but do you think people trade in 10 dogs to find the one that has the range you like or do they train for it. Yes, you have to train more with a pointing dog if you want it to be nice. I run hunt test with my dogs off foot and if they can't be seen or range more than a couple hundred yards you will get points deducted. I can run the same dogs from horse back and they might range 1/4-1/2 mile. They are not stupid with a little training them will do what you want when you want. Just wanted to inform people a little but if you don't want to train a dog by all means get a lab.
  14. Ask yourself a few questions, honestly. How much do I plan on hunting? What will I be hunting the most? ie pheasant, quail, grouse How fast do you cover ground? I personally cover ground faster than most and like a dog that will keep up with me on the other hand Littleking has a dog, Addie, that covers ground at a slower rate witch works out perfect for him, and me when he lets me tag along. Do you like a dog that just loves to test you or a dog that would rather please you? I have had English setters that would never do things that they were not supposed to do and I have had an English pointer that came out of the truck and would do something wrong before he would take a pee just to test his boundaries. One of the best dogs I have ever hunted behind though just took a lot of work. As far as range goes, don’t worry about it too much. With a little or a lot of work you can get any dog to stay in as close as you want. My English pointer was trained down south with horse back hunters. I am not on a horse so I had to make him hunt with me and not out in the other county. What I have never seen anyone do is make a dog hunt out beyond what a dog is willing to hunt. I personally want a dog that stays within 50 yards of me and the heavier the cover I want them to move in closer or check in more often. Look at how you hunt then find a breed of dog that is know to hunt the same.
  15. Good post. I just wanted to add one thing. There are dogs that will test you in any breed and dogs that will not in any breed. Look at the litter and get a more shy dog if you want a dog that listens very well. The Alfa or stronger dogs are the ones that will test you all the time. I love a alfa, you have to train alot but in the end they are the ones that give you goosebumps.
  16. True words there and I agree. I love the boss dog to.
  17. I would love to hear you elaborate on this and your opinions and reasoning behind it.
  18. We have enough GSP's in the shelters now and don't need more. If someone gets a lab and don't train it maybe it will still be a pet but with a GSP that has "no training what so ever" it will be a dog someone wants to get rid of. They have too much energy for people who don't spend at least enough time with them to train or exercise them.