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  1. I was in the muskie forum and came across a thread about bird eating muskies. This isn't the first time I've heard these types of stories. Does anyone know if it is legal to use a live bird as bait?
  2. A bird eating muskies? You mean muskies eating birds? If so yes I heard of this and talk to some people who have seen muskies take on ducks.

  3. no I did mean a "bird eating muskie." as in a muskie who eats birds. Interesting behavior. DO you know if its legal using live birds as bait?
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    Just when I thought I had seen / heard it all....:)
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    You will have better luck throwing a good quality in-line spinner. They are easier to catch as well. Also, you do not have to feed them between fishing trips and you will not have to line your tackle box with newspaper.

    Seriously, fish generally prefer to eat fish. They do make a lure that looks like a baby duck though. I would try that before you start driving hooks through sparrows.

  6. Yup you sure can use live birds as bait if you want to pay a big fine and maybe spend a couple nights in jail!
  7. I have searched all the fishing regulations and have been unable to find anything prohibiting the use of birds as bait. I also put an e-mail in to the ODNR to get to the bottom of this. Will post results.
  8. I think that might actually fall under animal cruelty, I am also intrested in the answer.
  9. I think that might actually fall under animal cruelty, I am also intrested in the answer.
  10. No not at all the kittens I use love it they think they are going swimming for the day. Not like the cat you have in your pic with the light bulb screwed into the back of his head. Thats kinda freaky. Mine just swim around in the weeds and splash and make that little bucktail look a like I mean tail flap around. But I think the little meows really draws them in. Come on dude I'm joking no reason to call peta. Besides you can"t troll them at 4.5 mph the line twists
  11. The Division of Wildlife has no regulations that specifically prohibit the use of domestic birds as bait. Possession or use of a wild bird would be illegal unless taken under strict hunting guidelines. There are a number of alternative choices of lures or baits would be much more effective if you are interested in catching muskie.

    I guess this means "game on"............
  12. Look up post in OGF Marketplace for Pigeons for Sale. At $2.50 / piece you may want to pick up a dozen. Might be cheaper than some big suckers or chubs.