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  1. I just got my Bass Times yesterday. I see Kevin Van Dam is endorsing the Biosonix machine that stimulates fish into feeding. How do you folks feel about this being used in tournaments?

    I guess I feel like there's a possibility it's a hoaks. Maybe it doesn't work even a little bit. But if it does, I think it does the sport of fishing a black eye.

    One, it will make the sport even more of a rich man's game. Everyone will need one, and they probably cost a small fortune. Competitively, it will put everyone with one at a distinct advantage to those who don't have one (assuming it does work). I'm not the world's greatest fisherman, but I think it would be cheating to use one in a tourney.

    If KVD needs one to beat the Rick Clunns of the world, I hope he never catches another fish ever. I hope the Federation moves to outlaw the use of it and restore dignity to the sport I love. I don't want it to be like professional basketball, or baseball, or football. Heck, I don't even want it to become like college sports anymore. There have been plenty of examples of poor sportsmanship already in bass fishing to allow this IMO.

    Just wanted to get your opinions as well.

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    I just looked this up on Google and it looks like it may go the way of the zepplin. From what I read it was used in a tournament last year and with marginal success. KVD is probably promoting it just because of the money. I can't blame him. And I also saw that it was selling for over a grand. Those things combined make me think it's not going to float. Guess we'll have to wait and see but it just doesn't have the signs of the next big thing if you ask me. Aside from that I listened to it on their web site and it was just a bunch of underwater sounds like my fish aquarium screen saver, nothing worth that kind of money IMHO.

    You heard anything else on it besides KVD endorsing it WP? The only thinkg I found was people comparing it to duck calls and depth finders which is fair I guess. Personally I hope it doesn't catch on.