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Bios Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Chuck P., Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    BIOS beep codes

    1- Make sure you have a case speaker connected, if you are getting 1 long continuous beep this indicates the system can’t find usable ram, reseat the ram, try different ram or try the ram in a different dimm slot

    2- 1 long 2 short indicates video error reseat the video card, try another video card

    Nothing on the screen with no beeps

    1-Make sure the hs (heatsink) is installed properly, tight with thermal paste applied
    2-Make sure the cpu fan is connected to the correct header on the motherboard
    3-Clear the cmos by unplugging the computer removing the battery then move the clear cmos jumper from pins 1&2 to 2&3 for 10 minutes
    4-Replace the battery and move the jumper back to pins 1&2
    5-Verify all motherboard jumpers are set correctly
    6-Verify all case connections are correct ( case switch ect.)
    7-Verify the power supplies 20/24 pin and 4pin 12v are tightly seated to the motherboard

    Still won’t go

    1-Remove all drives and cards except the video, remove front sound and usb
    2-Repeat the above
    3-The idea here is to get the computer to post and boot into bios if after doing so you are able to get into bios let the computer idle in bios for a while and watch the temps and voltages.
    4-If everything appears normal load the bios defaults and make sure to save and exit
    5-Now add the drives and install windows then add the remaining cards

    Still won’t go

    1-Remove the motherboard from the case and place on a piece of cardboard
    2-Install only the cpu with hsf, 1 stick ram in dimm 1, psu, video card, case switch and case speaker
    3-Connect ps2 mouse and keyboard along with the moni