Billy Crystal & The Yankees

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by zachtrouter, Mar 13, 2008.

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    What a freakin joke that the yankees would allow Billy Crystal to bat lead off in todays spring training game. After he struck out he was immediately replaced by Jhonny Damon. What a bunch of bs. I didnt think I could poosibly hate the yankees anymore than I already do but I was wrong.
  2. :mad: ha you aint liein. professional sports are becomin more of a joke everyday...everything is steroids this steroids that and billy crystal just made a mockery of baseball..its sad

  3. --first off i hate the yankees more than any other national sports team

    i love baseball ive played for over 9 years and im only 18, play fantasy baseball and watch as many games as i can. its sad to see the steriods but its something that has to be dealt with and at this moment all we can do is sit back and watch what happens...same thing with gas prices lol, but i dont think that this was as bad as you guys are making it out to IS spring training guys just a bunch of warm up games i didnt think it was to hateful

    and you guys wouldnt like to take one major league at bat in your lifetime??? i sure as hell would if i could
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    I thought it was a nice gesture from the team to a long-time fan. And I agree with cast n catch, I'd take a major league AB any time I could get it.

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    The yankees made a mockery of baseball. The only way you should get a at bat in a major league game spring training or regular season is if you earn it and NOT by being a lifetime fan. Does that mean the tribe is going to suit up Drew Carey for a game? Lakers gonna suit up Jack Nicholson? etc. etc. Its a joke.
  6. I agree totally. Billy Crystal has been a great supporter of the Yankee tradition. Also, he directed the movie "61" which was an account of the Mantle/Maris HR race. It wasn't like they jeopardized anything with their season or anyone else's for that matter. It was a pre-season game which means nothing. Does anyone really think Damon cares that he was replaced by Crystal for one at-bat.:rolleyes: I thought it was a nice gesture and it probably was a smart move by the Yanks as they probably drew more folks to the pre-season game.

    Being a lifetime Tribe fan can make it easy to dislike the Yankees but there are things about their franchise that I admire. Just look at the history of baseball and try see how far you get without acknowledging that the Yankees are part of it.;) But for those who choose to hate the Yankees in every phase I guess it is another opportunity to try and do so.:D
  7. And I am quite certain that if there was an opportunity to bat in the Jake (oops! I can call it that anymore:D ) that there would be quite a line of folks willing to do so. If I could I know I would be right in front of the line.;)
  8. I don't see the problem. He played in an exibition game in a non-contact situation. Sort of like a golf pro-am. You would never see this in a contact situation, even an exibition, like basketball, hockey, football since a contract player could be hurt. In this case, the only one who could be hurt was the invitee.

    Other new reasons to hate the yankees?

    New manager known for his tough-nosed play as a player complains about a hard (clean) play at the plate during an exibition game, only to have one of his players obviously spike a player at 2nd base (he was out by over 10') the next time they met.

    The last event to be held at yankee stadium will probably be a "hockey game"! This at a facility known for the history of prize fights and baseball championships. Would have been like holding a rodeo at old Cleveland Muni stadium before they ripped it down.

    They are still the yankees.
  9. Let the Ole timer have his fun...... I'm surprised he didnt get injured on that Swing..

  10. I dont think its that big of a deal either, Im no big fan of the Yankees either because my Reds will never be able to keep up with there spending, but if they want to let him suit up and step in the box..then go for it.
  11. I'm it in was no big deal camp. I believe both teams had to agree before it could happen. I'm sure maholm didn't want to give up a hit though. I'd bet 99% of people who love baseball would jump at the chance just to get into the batters box. For his age i didn't think the strikeout swing looked that bad

    I believe garth brooks spent several springs at the padre camp and played years ago.

    For the record i hate the yankes.
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    If it were a inter-squad scrimmage then thats no big deal but when you suit up against another team that is crazy. You suit up to win the game regardless of spring training or pre-season.
    Why the hell would Jhonny Damon care anyways???:confused: If Crystal was a ex-pro turned actor then maybe I could see it. Why wouldnt it happen in the NBA??? Like they wouldnt let the Lakers get the jump ball then play no defense and let Jack Nicholson fire up a three. After his airball went out of bounds call timeout and send him to the showers. Whats the difference. Its all bs and a disgrace to MLB.