Bilge Pump vs Super Braids

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  1. Was playing with the Muskie in the rain last weekend.

    Hit the bilge pump, it was a no go. Wrapped it up and headed home.

    The bilge pump is a Johnson/Mayfair so all I did was order a new replacement cartridge from Cabela’s.
    Was doing the cartridge switch out today. As I pulled the defective cartridge I noticed a 4 inch piece of either 100lb test Tuff line or 80 Power-pro stuck between the impellers and the housing. Pulled the line out and hit the switch, yep that little piece of fishing line stopped that pump dead.

    If you are a better house/boat keeper than I, you will never have this happen to you.
    But if you are like me, and clean all the stuff out of your boat when you get home, well you may want to think twice before letting clipped off super braids hit the deck of your boat.

    Ended up with a spare motor for my bilge pump. Should have had one anyways.
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    your bilge should be mounted about an inch above and off the bottom of the boat to keep debris form getting in there. well at least thats how mine is set up. even with duck hunting and all the tree debris i get ,mine has never failed yet?