Biiiiiig Fish !!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Alwsfishin, May 2, 2008.

  1. Alwsfishin

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    Here's a fish fry for ya.....
    This is the new record in Canada. He caught it on the Winnipeg
    River, by Seven Sisters, in Manitoba.
    Check this thing out.. The last picture is unbelievable!
    This guy (in the photos below), was fishing and caught a 36” Pike -
    as he was reeling it in, a 56” Pike tried to eat it!!!!! He brought them
    both in on the same net.


  2. ParmaBass

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    That story has been aound for a while.

  3. That story has been around for a while. Yeah but its still kool
  4. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    Sorry if I bored you.......Paris........;)
  5. so is it a "catch" or a "netting"?
  6. ParmaBass

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    I almost fell asleep looking at those pictures!! How dare you bore me:p !! Huge Pike for sure, but I've seen much larger ones....especially near Manitoba.
  7. 2007 called... they want their fishing news back ;)
  8. Columbusslim31

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    Funny thing is it looks more like a northern pike than a muskie. Muskies have stripes while northerns have spots, right?

    My bad it does say "56 inch pike"
  9. Dixie Chicken

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    Big Joshy, You and Het need to take your stuff on the road!!! LOL!!!
    Too funny.
  10. If I saw that thing I woulden't even go swimming in the public pool. I believe that last picture does not belong with the first 2. I have seen it several times on the web and have never seen the first 2 with it.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I was crappie fishing Buckeye Lake one day, and was only catching saugey, was very weird day. Anyways all the saugey were in the 8-10 inch range. While I was reelling one in, A bigger one came and tried to eat the one I had hooked. Unfortunatley I lost it at the bank as there was no hook set (remember I was crappie fishing), but I bet it was 6-8 pounder.

    Surely got my heart pumping as I tried to tie on a twister tail to throw at it.
  12. That is a European pike. It was also featured last year in Esox Angler magazine.

    Now we all need to plan a trip (or two) to Europe.
  13. I donot know which has been on the internet more, this pike caught in Holland, or Britney Spears showing off getting out of a car. I would much rather see the pike.
  14. ParmaBass

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    How about Brittney Spears getting out of a car holding a Pike?
  15. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

  16. I have seen it before to...but that last picture is still pretty freakin incredible:B
  17. crittergitter

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    Yes, these photos are old and the last one is not even related to the other 2. It is much older. Sheesh.

  18. jeffmo

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    they DO hit like that!
    the pic of my pike in my gallery was caught the same way.i was reeling in a smaller pike when the bigger one came up,hit it and came about 1/2 way out of the water.nasty fish!!!!
  19. Alwsfishin

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