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    Here's the best of the afternoon today/Sunday. This has been my first decent bass caught in a while. I've been in a slump. This one hit my brownish colored Chatterbait on a flat with milfoil in about 3-FOW. I had a white one tied on pre-trip. But the clouds came out and the water was dirty. So I tied the brown one on and caught this biggun within a few minutes.

    My oldest son caught quite-a-few on his Strike King Red Eyed Shad ripping it through the milfoil. His best was a 2lb.6oz. bass. And the rest looked to be around a pound-and-a-half.

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  2. fishingredhawk

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    Nice fish Jeff! What was the weight?

  3. claytonhaske

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    what a monster! nice bass
  4. spfldbassguy

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    Nice bass,glad to hear you broke your "slump". Those Red Eye shads do seem to work. Where my brother and I fished today that's the only thing we caught 'em on. He boated I believe 5 and I was only able to bring in two nice 16.5''ers. I didn't get anything on chatterbait which surprised me. Like you I tried a white one but was a dumbbutt and left my darker colore ones at home:(. Oh well that's how it is sometimes. Again nice pic,nice bass and I'm sure you'll find some more big uns here soon.
  5. Congrads on a very fine fish. Best I did Saturday was a 14" sm mouth at Delaware under the 229 bridge.
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  7. justin3687

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    That's a good one to get off your slump with. Nice job and report

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  8. CMH


    Going for the 'clean cut' look huh Jeff? HA HA... that is an absolute beast- I never fished a chatterbait until this year, and I did not know what I was missing; I am stocked up on them now, however.

    Looking forward to fishing with you at Burr Oak next spring.

  9. JignPig Guide

    JignPig Guide Fishing Guide

    She weighed almost 6-pounds! And then I put her on the scale and she only weighed 4lb. 14oz. I thought I had an "Over Fiver" but I didn't. But I'm not complaining.
  10. skycruiser

    skycruiser Urban Angler

    what a healthy lookin bass. excellent catch!
  11. I was just thinking the other day that jignpig hasn't posted any big ones lately. i knew you where out there hawg hunting and it would just be time. congrats on a late season toad!
  12. That's a nice BASS! Very good picture of the two of you.

    BTW: I would have thought over 5 lbs as well.

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  13. Great catch, now that's a HAWG! :B