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  1. Mine isn't very big, but I am just getting in to this species, so I hope to (I mean I will) contribute to this thread again in the future. I thought this could be just as interesting as biggest walleye, 'cause I know there's a lot of hardcore saugeye guys out there.
    This was only 19", but it's still a cool pic, these things are gorgeous

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  2. I got one 10lb.1oz.out of Piedmont a few years ago.Was using a #7 Perch colored shadrap at 1am,cranking shale points.Got it mounted on the frontroom wall across from a 10lb.5oz.Walleye I got out of Salt Fork.

  3. 26in out of the lmr, i didnt bother with the biggest walleye because i think i am the only person in ohio who has never fished erie, but for grins, 28in walleye out of a whitewater river trib, and biggest sauger a few in the 21-22in range also from the lmr. i just need to head up and fish alum so i can get myself a 30in saugeye:)
  4. ive caught 3 in the 26 inch range. two out of indian on crappie jigs (on purpose not fishing for crappie) and one out of buckeye through the ice on a buckshot rattle spoon and minnow. All were released.

    lost one in the 27-28 range that I hooked at deer creek spillway on a blue and silver HJ-12.

    its kinda funny that fish ohio saugeye is 21 inches. I think they should up it to about 23.
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    Big Joshy,

    I think I was there at Buckeye the day you got that one it was a nice fish. My biggest Saugeye came from Delaware Dam. I was wading under the spill way early January a couple years ago. I dont remember the length but took it and had it weighed. Weighed in @ 8lbs 2 oz :) I havent landed anything bigger than 5lbs on the ice yet. Maybe this year will be the year !
  6. misfit

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    8/10/04 hoover
    hopkins no equal spoon
    28 inches ,just shy of 9 pounds.
  7. Biggest Saugeye 12lbs out of Indian Lake at the Doughnut shop on a jig late Febuary just after ice was off. Have 10 over 10 pounds all but one from Indian. Still trying for that state record swimming at Indian :)
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    My PB was from Clendening on a gold and green 3/8 oz Vibe-E ..............she weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz
  9. Dont think the other northern lakes have any.[​IMG]
  10. 26inches 7lbs from Tappan last June. 3/8oz black and white vibee.
  11. A couple years back I caught one 23" maybe 3lbs or so on a black/silver Rapala floater #7 I believe, caught her on the Scioto.
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    I'm still new to saugeye fishing as I've only caught four saugeye total, but I'm still proud of my PB at 17". Caught at Hoover on a jig and twister.

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    I don't have a picture of it, but my best is 24.5" and the weight would be a guess at approx 5 lbs. I have had 2 bigger on the end of the line and could not close the deal. One time at Delaware I was without a net and the sucker swam right out of my hand after the jig fell out of it's mouth. I know that fish would have gone 7 lbs or so, but that's why they call it fishing?

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    my biggest saugeye went 22". also my first Fish Ohio. I caught it from Hoover from shore on a jig/twister a few weeks ago.

    here is the pic:

  15. Caught this 25"er out of Alum last Sunday and lost her twin sister at the boat a few minutes later. My biggest saugeye was just shy of 8lbs caught at Alum in 2001. I haven't uploaded that pic yet.

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    The one on the far left (around 24") is an inch or so bigger than the one to the far right, but I don't have a picture of my biggest saugeye. It was about 27" and I released it.

  17. Cool pic eric. I for one can appreciate how tuff it is to hook up with multiple FO's in one outing. The feeding window for the big girls seems to slam shut as fast as it opens.
  18. Nice pic! Tough to get a few for sure. You can catch 50 smaller fish but a fish over 5# is hard to come buy. Deffinetly got to put the time in.
  19. Caught one several years ago out of the GMR that was 31". I would guess someone else has taken her home with them by now.
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    Yep, no question about it. Some years it's better than others, we'll see what the next month or so has in store. By the way, great looking fish! Nice and healthy, I bet she tasted good! :p