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  1. Ben a few really big crappies posted up the last week or so,has me wondering whats your best slab from central ohio? Id love to here from the tourney guys,shore anglers,everone!?.....
    I am having a hard time breaking 15" let alone some of these 17/18"fish being caught. I have several reaching 14-3/4". Including a couple wide,fat,thick black females that are heavy as can be.....
    My uncle has a 17"+ from buckeye YEARS ago. All but one of my 14"+ fish have come from buckeye. The other alum.
    I know ive seen some pigs posted up on here in the past,so lets see it????
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  2. Lundy

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    I have fished 7-10 crappie tournaments in Ohio the last 4 years. Add all of the tournament days and all of the days prefishing days for these tourneys and hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of crappie caught during that time and I have not had one 15" crappie come in the boat. Further more I think I have seen maybe two 15"+ weighed in in all of those tourneys combined.

    A 15" crappie is just not all that common. If you catch one cherish it because it might be a while before you do it again. My largest was 16 3/4" 2-3/4 lb 35 years ago. I don't think I have broken the 2 lb mark since.

  3. 14 7/8 inches. And i have caught thousands.
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  4. acklac7

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    I know the Bass tourney guys at Griggs and Oshaughnessy have caught some monsters.
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  5. A friend caught this while we were bass fishing. No measurement or weight taken I used the license plate for reference.

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  6. acklac7

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    While we’re on the subject (and I’m far from a Crappie expert btw) IMO the best way to catch one of these monster crappie is to fish with oversized live bait. Think big chubs or shiners. Bait so big only giant crappie can inhale it. While I wouldn’t get numbers I would always pull out some 14” - 15” pigs using this technique.
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  7. Tinknocker1

    Tinknocker1 Trucks so high they call it "Willie Nelson"

    caught a pair of 17" out of Piedmont back in 1979 on 4" bluegills and a bobber
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    My Personal Best White Crappie at 16" caught on a green pumpkin jig w/craw trailer fishing for Bass at a public lake, released after photos.
  9. I think private ponds always produce the biggest.. I have a good handful of 14s from the one by me. And another handful from buckeye with my biggest white being 14.75 from alum
  10. RMK


    West Central Ohio private pond just shy of 15" for my pb
    And in my short tournament career the 2 biggest crappie I have seen weighed in are 1.92 and 1.93 that in would guess to be 14" fish and my partner has weighed in a couple "big fish" in the 1.6/13" class. Fat females full of eggs.
    20170521_145149.jpg 20170521_145137.jpg 20170521_145137.jpg
  11. Tim67

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    My PB is 14 3/4" from Pleasant Hill, now 2 yrs ago my wife caught a 16 1/2" from Clear fork thought for sure she had a Bass on from the fight on her Browning ultra light.;)
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  12. My PB was just over 16" caught at Mosquito lake on a Beetle Spin with yellow and black split tail grub. Have seen others caught there a full inch larger than mine.
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  13. My wife has a 14 3/4 on the wall. Deer creek on bobber and minnow.

    IV never broke the 14" mark. I know last year I caught a few at oshay that were 13.5 saugeye fishing.
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  14. Brought home 24 last Saturday.

    IMG_2975.JPG IMG_2974.JPG
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  16. Yes, One was just over 14" with some 11 & 12". Only been out one time.
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  17. rutty

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    My biggest from Central Ohio came from DeerCreek pre-fishing for the OGF tournament, didn't get a length on her, but she went 2.02 pounds (guessing 15.5 inches). Couldn't catch her on tournament day though, go figure. Last year prefishing for the Crappie USA tournament on Grand Lake St. Marys I caught a 1.86, 1.82. 1.75. Those were my biggest 3 fish in 1 outing by far.
  18. Nice
  19. Pretty sure i know of a baseball dad on here catching a 16"from my home lake,actually off a dock i fish often.....
    Snyd,got any pics of her????
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  20. I have 2 Fish Ohio --- a 14" and 14.5". Have yet to keep one that broke 15" even though I through one back that may have been there that was full of eggs.