Biggest Catch of My Life

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  1. Unfortunately it was not a fish, it was my thirteen years old daughter's head.

    First time out this year, we caught a few bass and then it happened. Right after telling her she could stand where she wanted because I am a pro caster, I snagged her in the head with a rattl trap. I only got her with one hook, but it was deep and I could not get it out. I was unable to get sidecutters close enough to cut the hook and did not want to cause anymore harm to her so we went to the ER and they had to cut it out.

    I am not sure that there is a worse feeling then to hurt one of your kids, even if it is an accident. She is fine now, and in good spirits teasing me and laughing about it but I am still a bit upset at myself.

    Let my accident be a warning, be careful out there.

  2. Thanks, me too. Turned out the the hook was not as much deep as I thought. The barb was hung up and I could not get it out. I have got them much deeper in my finger and been able to get them out.

    I probably could of got it out myself but could not handle hurting her even more.

    I have heard stories of people getting hooked, but never in my life witnesses someone getting hooked like that.

    She is ready to go back out fishing again so it seems to not have bothered her as much as it did me. She was laughing and teasing me the whole time.
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    Back in 94' I was down at the Ohio River at Toronto with my brother, my daughter and my uncle. I was hitting the smallies pretty good when during a cast with a riverrunt I caught my daughter just as she was standing up behind me. One hook right at the hairline on her forehead. The treble point pop'd out fairly easily and cutters took care of the point. My bro was a corpsman [Navy] and made quick work of the whole thing. Dad's only problem was trying to apologise ALOT and trying to get my uncle Jim to turn off his VHS recorder. Talk about "news @ 11". Mom was not amused!!:p
  4. glad to hear I am not alone
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    Guilty of the same charge with one of my daughters around 1998 at Deer Creek. The kids were running all over the place, which is great but they kept coming up behind me when casting. I told them a few times to be careful and not get anywhere near my right side. Couldn't have been five minutes from my last warning that one caught 3 hooks of a Rapala right dead center in top of her head! What a nightmare! took about 45 min. to finally get them all pushed through and barbs cut off to get it out. She was a real trooper didn't cry at all but was still pretty upset with me. I felt like crap but had covered my bases with the warnings. Saved me from Mom's wrath!
  6. my dads hat went into to water once....luckily he likes to wear the old style with the mesh back half and wears it high on his head.

    Glad to hear she is ok, that will make a great story on the first day of school when the teacher asks if anything exciting happened over the summer!!!
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    Years ago I witnessed a father hook is 5-6 yr. old son squarely through the nose with a Mepps #4 below Alum spillway. I know he felt sick about doing it, luckily for him his son remained calm and didn't cry. (What a trooper!) They quickly left for the nearest ER.
  8. Hey guys, getting a kid hooked on fishing is just a slogan ;). Glad she's ok. :)
  9. Glad she's ok. Sounds like she might have a get out of trouble free pass. ;)
  10. glad to her she still wants to go fishing!!!

    i hooked thru my palm with a bandit crank bait last year. It was too deep to get out, and I had just starting my fishing for the day. I choose to use medical tape to tape over the crankbait hook in my hand, and continue fishing. Later that night, it took me easily 30 minutes to work the barb out. Was PAINFUL
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    Here's a fun little fact: if you apply pressure down on the hook and then loop some fishing line threw the curve of the hook and pull, you will be able to pull it out. It's a two man process but it works 4sure, i know this because i've done it twice: once to myself and another to a friend. See the pressure pushes the barb down and then you use the line to pull it threw the hole at a lower angle, make sure the line is just above the barb a little and pull. There you go, no ER bill coming in the mail, just money in you pocket. So, if you don't know now you know. ~Anthony
  12. three years ago my wife hooked a scuba diver off a jetty in fla. he looked to be close to 200lbs.

    he was returned to the water unharmed.

    when she caught me she didn't use a rod and reel. she used a garter belt and whiskey. i was not released.
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    Ahhh I kinda thought you said that you caught a human head that happened to be your daughters. Its happened to me and I was kinda mad. I hope she doesnt avoid going fishing with you.