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    Alright guys, we just got in our first day of fishing and it was difficult. The lake was recieving 35-40 MPH winds almost all day and rain on and off. Personally, while I was running down the lake at 45 MPH, it hailed very briefly.
    Conditions aside, we managed around 8 keeper Largemouth in a lake known more for Smallmouth. The water is gin clear with visibility of about 10'. The three boats found staging largemouth. We also junk-fished and found a few Smallmouth... only 2 measured. 1 Bonus fish of a walleye (18").

    Tomorrow is supposed to be 20-30 MPH winds, and there is a 30* temperature drop tonight. What the heck are we supposed to do?!
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    with that kind of visibility i would go with a jerkbait...maybe a lucky craft pointer? its a great bait for staging fish

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    I'd be dropshotting or maybe a split shot on main lake, secondary points close to channels.

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    I would think a black rubber worm deep, but thats just what I like.
  5. just keep working - i think with the wind everything is an option. dropshot might be your best for smallies - or if you have some spoons that can get deep?
  6. It's gonna be tough to feel a drop shot bite if the winds stay like that. I agree w/ Procraft, I would throw jerk baits and maybe chuck some lipless crankbaits.

    Good Luck fellas....O-H!!!!!!
  7. Quick update from the Big Ten Tournament OSU beats Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ohio State was plagued with motor troubles on two boats with weather including snow, wind, and hail. Led by the boat of Kevin and Casey OSU placed 5th with Purdue taking the title this year. I will let Jason give the recap sounds like it was an event of survival with some fishing thrown in. Good Job to all the team and GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!
  8. Quick update from the Big Ten Tournament OSU beats Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats all that matters!!!!!!!! :) :)
  9. Well guys thanks for all your support. I must say with only two functional boats out there we did alright.

    I was hit with engine problems right at putting in the morning of the tournament, which pretty much disabled me from getting to any of the spots I found pre-fishing. Two of our four boats had to be towed back to the ramp early (one of them being me). Kevin and Casey though were able to boat some fish!

    I was pretty excited, in practice me and my partner rolled up on a spot full of staging largemouths and I pretty much caught three on my first three casts with red eye lipless and left them alone for tournament time...but what can you do with broken motors :(

    There is a possibility of one being held at Alum in the fall, so this would make a good opportunity for us to prove ourselves.
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    Unfortunately Carp 104's boat had engine problems, because he was on some fish during practice.

    I was able to boat 3 fish( 2 LM and 1 SM) for around 5 and half lbs, which beat the teams of Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan's top three boats combined. The weather was brutal and I was just happy to tough it out and get a couple of bites.
  11. Good job guys. Tough weather conditions and equipment problems, but you managed a good showing. Congrats and best of luck in future events.
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    Nice job boys! That sounds like an awesome time. Maybe I'll enroll for my Master's at OSU so I can fish next year!!!! ;)
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    As the other guys have mentioned the weather was horrible and our equipment problems just compounded our problems. However, we were pleased with our showing for the first ever tournament of the Bass Fishing Club of OSU.

    On the first day (Friday), all three boats got on the water and it was sort of a ‘free-for-all’ with each boat doing their own thing and finding what they could. Personally, I did not find the fish on Friday, but the other boats (Matt/Alex and Kevin/Casey) found fish so we were confident.

    Saturday: I could not start my boat only to find out the starter was not disengaging from the flywheel. We fixed that, but all the cranking I had done had basically ruined my spark plugs (flooding) and ran my battery dead. However, we were able to start the boat later that day on a garden hose. Again, Kevin/Casey and Matt/Alex were able to find fish in even more places… so it was looking good for OSU going into Championship Sunday.

    Sunday: I could not get my boat to run after the primed gas ran out… so I was stuck on the trolling motor all day long. Matt also had trouble with his boat and we both were towed in to the ramp 2 hours early after we had already launched late. Luckily, Kevin and Casey were able to find the fish it took to get us a 5th place showing.

    All three days we were battling wind upwards of 20 mph and 3ft rollers on the lake. Friday there was hail, Saturday it rained all day long, and Sunday it snowed. Water temp was in the mid-40s, and Sunday’s high air temp didn’t quite hit 40. Pretty tough, but luckily Kevin and Casey came through to get us a decent placement.

    Our next tournament will most likely be in June at an Invitational in State College, PA. Also, like Matt had alluded to, we are really going to try and get something put together at Alum Creek in the near future.

    We would like to thank all of the OGF members for their kind words and support.
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    This very topic came up at our last meeting!