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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by DarbyMan, Jan 1, 2008.

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    Today is the day for the Big Ten to put up or shut up. I'll be rooting heavily for Illinois, Wisconsin, and (dare I say it) Michigan. Right now we are 2-2 in bowl games and the SEC is unbeaten, 2-0 I think. Of course I'll trade all of these games for the big one Mon night.

    So we got Wisc-Tenn, and Mich- Florida. Head to head Big Ten-SEC match ups. And Ill-USC in a Big Ten Pac Ten match-up. Who are ya picking and what are your thoughts on Big Ten vs other conferences?

    Should be an interesting day!
  2. I'll take the Badgers over the overrated Vols. Michigan will lose to a good Florida team. I don't think Illinois can hang with a very good USC team, but I hope they keep it close. The Buckeyes will have to salvage some respect for the Big 10, by not only playing in their 3rd NC game in 6 years, but by winning it again.


  3. Wisconsin put up a good fight...Tennessee was not an overrated team though, they're a very solid team.

    14-14 in the Florida/Michigan game...I think Florida will begin to pull away unless Michigan can keep this field position established.

    I'll be shocked if Illinois stays within 3 touchdowns...USC had a very fast defense and has more experience playing against wide open offenses from the Pac-10.

    The Big 10 as a conference has alot riding on this BCS Title game. I know that it's hard for OSU fans to pull for Michigan and vice versa...but the entire conference needs to get behind the Buckeyes. If OSU gets beat by LSU (or God forbid blown out) it will be years before the conference gains respect nationally.

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  4. Michigan State and Wisconsin both lost on very poor passes thrown for interceptions. The Wisconsin pass defense looked like a high school team...and not a particularly good one. Hopefully the Wolverines...and more importantly the Buckeyes...will bring their A games.
  5. As one of the few Michigan fans on the board, it's not that hard for Michigan folks to get behind the Bucks during bowl season. SMART fans, of which there are many Buckeye fans who are constantly overshadowed by the unintelligent, witless majority of Scarlet and Gray patrons, realize that rooting for your team's conference in bowl games actually benefits your team's finances.

    For one day a season, I always proudly say "Go Bucks!"

    Fortunately for you Bucks fans, I'm usually saying that during your title tilts.
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    I agree. Once the regular season is over I can respect the Michigan program and wish them well in the bowls. Like today, and they are delivering the goods right now. One of the best games I've seen all year.
  7. It's good to see Michigan finally win a bowl game. Other than a couple of stupid turnovers, the Wolverines dominated the Gators. Is anyone else tired of hearing about the SEC's huge speed and skill advantage over the Big 10? I thought UM was better than Florida at almost every position-at least today. Congrats to Coach Carr on going out with a victory.


    BTW-I am a Big 10 fan and root for all Big 10 teams in their non-conference games and bowl games. I doubt it makes them play better, but it makes me feel good ;-)
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    We did outplay them in every part of the game besides turnovers. And to think i thought we would lose to the Gators. Kinda had a feel like Browns playing Pats, theres a chance but not counting on the win. Glad they proved me wrong.
    I thought Tim would do his thing and control the game. Also the way we played all year did not make me feel all that confident.

    Congrats Carr, and all those seniors
  9. I just wish that Mike Hart wasn't on that roster...he really gets under my skin.
  10. DarbyMan

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    Way to go Blue! Very proud of the performance by Mich today. As for the Bad-gers, they looked half asleep, and that 4th and 2 call???? Why not run Hill, he'd been running pretty good.

    C'mon Illini!!!!
  11. I agree with the comment of Hart. I used to think very highly of him, but all he seems to do is talk junk both on and off the field. He has a pretty big mouth for an individual who never beat the Buckeyes and only won 1 bowl game. Way to back up your talk, you never accomplished anything.
  12. DarbyMan

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    Illinios had no business being in that game. If anyone in the BCS had some brains they would have put Missouri in there instead. Same for Hawaii, yea, like I didn't see those beat downs coming! Its a shame the BCS tarnishes a spectacular season with some seriously lame games (save one on monday). So far the best game is Mich-Florida(non-bcs). Oh what a playoff it would have been this year.

    Lets see, tonight we have Oklahoma cleaning the rug w/ WVU. Good luck Mountaineers, you are going to need it.
  13. One player does not make a team, and I'm sure you hate his talk, but did you hate David Boston's? Probably not. If everyone on a team played with as much as heart as Hart, you'd run the table. Sure, he never "accomplished" those things you list, but those are TEAM accomplishments.
  14. It looks like the Big 10 will only be able to end up 4-4 in bowl games (hopefully) so I am not sure how the so-called experts will paint that one for the conference. I don think the conference in general is considerably weaker than normal right now from top to bottom so it does not surprise me that they only managed that many wins. I didn't watch any of the Wisconsin game so I can't comment on how it went. Michigan did play very well except for a couple of huge turnovers. They clearly outplayed the Gators. Illinois was outmatched by USC but not nearly as badly as the score indicated if they had not killed themselves with turnovers and penalties. The second half they were able to move the ball pretty effectively against what some considered to be the best defense in college football right now.

    I would love to see a solid win by the Bucks in their game to silence at least some of the critics. They will never silence them all because even a domination in that game would probably be interpreted as a poor performance by LSU as much as a good one by them.:rolleyes:
  15. DarbyMan

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    I'll say this about the Big Ten bowl schedule- its the toughest for any conference.

    Osu vs LSU in Louisiana, Mich vs Florida in Florida, Penn State vs Texas A&M in Texas, Illinois vs USC in California, and Purdue vs C. Mich in Michigan.

    No one else plays that many "road" games in the bowls. I would love to see the SEC teams come North for a bowl game.
  16. If they played bowls at home stadiums the Big Ten would fare much better.

    Unfortunately bowls will always be played down south and out west.
  17. I just wish that Hart could refrain from trying to bash teams (namely OSU) directly after they finish beating them. I'm never opposed to a player being confident but to talk trash in the post game press conference is a little lame in my opinion.
  18. Great point Hoosier Daddy!
  19. Hook N Book

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    I'm thinking Hart will more than likely end up wearing Brown and Orange next year...! :T :D

    Ain't it amazing how the transition from the collegiate ranks to the pro level works...