Big stealhead caught at conniaut

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    My family and I went stealhead fishing today up on Lake Erie at Conniaut. It was really cold and windy. But that didn't stop me. I just put on half my closet full of clothes and went fishing anyway. I was the only one who caught anything. It was a tough day of fishing. We weren't even seeing other people catch anything. But I managed to catch MOBY- DICK anyway. IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!! She wouldn't quit fighting. Every time she'd get even near the boat, you would hear my drag scream buuuuuuuuuuuzzzzz! This went on for about 12-15 minutes. Man can they strip the old line quick. By the time I got her in the boat even I was worn out. She was HUGE! :D She was around 6lbs and 26in. Even though this fish was not my personal best it was a blast to catch and it was a beast. Two weeks ago at Conniaut I caught one 2lbs bigger. This fish had beautiful rainbow color and went around 29in. It weighed in on the scales at around 8lbs.:B Does anyone know how big a stealhead will grow in Ohio? How big do you have to have for a fish of Ohio? Still looking for a 30 inchers.
  2. congrats on the steely ive got a 32in mounted and the record i do belive is 37 and 20lbs actually caught off conn. it was in a case in snug harbor dont hold me to the stats but i do know it was the state record good luck catching some more this rain is helping alot