BIG SM BASS on Honeymoon! (pic)

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    Well I just got in from the honeymoon and had to get a fish pic posted here. We hired no guide, took no boat, didn't even remember a landing net, but we did come equipped with some tourist maps and found a few decent places to shore fish. End result was an amazing fishing memory (amongst other memories I won't mention!) of catching the largest Smallmouth Bass I have ever caught. Fish took a orange/orange lead head and single tail grub and was caught on Findley Lake, NY, not far from the public boat launch. Fish was released after a quick photo op and measured around 19.5". They have a Angler Achievement Award program something like our "Fish Ohio" I imagine and the SM Bass requirement is 18"... guess I'll send in some photos.


  2. Great pic of a beautiful smallie!
    Congrats on ALL counts!
  3. One beautiful smallie!
  4. You sure your wife didnt catch it? lol congrats man.
  5. Beautiful colors on that bad boy too. Nice.
  6. pizza


    Nice job and beautiful fish!
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  8. That is one beautiful Smallmouth!! Congrats on both the fish and the honeymoon !!!