Big Shad in Little Bass

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JignPig Guide, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. JignPig Guide

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    Check out these pics of this bass under 2-pounds with a pretty big shad in its gullet.

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  2. thedon255

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    I hope you put that shad back in. It's not nice to take someone's dinner:).

  3. Wow...think about that next time you think your lure might be too big!
  4. I saw on a show about bass, a two pound bass can eat a nine inch shad with no problem. I think i am going to start fishing with bigger baits. lol
  5. i think that was a bill dance show.....i saw it too, didn't believe it till i was fishing in the creek for smallmouth. Had a fish hit my 4 inch emerald shiner, it was a 8-10 inch sauger, than out of the shadows came a monster smallmouth who ate my sauger. He took out some line than wrapped me in a stump and broke me off.......super salty.
  6. In a tournament - you'd definitely want to leave that shad in his gullet!!! :D
  7. You beat me to it. lol.