Big Pond Bass

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishThis, May 31, 2008.

  1. Caught this Hawg on a float and fly today.

  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    nice fish! That's a good looking pond too.

  3. Thanks, the pond is a very good fishery.
  4. fishingredhawk

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    Asherton? ha, I used to catch some decent bass there too
  5. Chillbilly

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    That's a hog. Nice Job.
  6. mkombe

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    hahahhaha.....shows how lousy i am at fishing. i have fished that location many times. A friend of mine lives there and we used to hit that pond up all the time. Ive never caught anything but dink LM's. I used to think that there was nothing in there over 12 inches. Shows what I know.

    Great fish, thanks for the picture. Atleast I know they are in there now.
  7. Asherton, I used to live there, lol

    caught a lot of nice bass in there....biggest one was 5-6lbs & always used Purple worms to catch them all. there was a dead walleye floating around last year...obviously someone put it in there.
  8. Ya, were moving out at the end of June so I will definitly miss living there. There are some really big bass in there, actually caught a smallmouth the other day, it almost ripped the pole out of my hand, very surprising. I've talked to a few guys that have actually caught walleye out of here. I've caught, black and white crappie, channel cats and perch. I've been spoiled for the past 2yrs.
  9. what do you use over there?
    i've always just had luck w/ dark colored plastic worms.

    & i have fished there since i was about 10 years old (now 25)..parents live near there & i have never seen anyone catch a smallmouth (or walleye, just that dead one)..
  10. I fish it about everyday, so with that much time on the water, I'm bound to catch multiple species on all types of tackle. The Smallmouth came on a shakyhead rigged worm. Like I said before, I have only been told that somebody has caught walleye out of there, I never have.

  11. yeah, i used to live on Dunmere Ln. & i've found the pond in between dunmere & armistead to be the best OR right by the dock is really good too...actually, i have caught more by the dock in the past year....