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Big O report- August 27th

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by UFM82, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    River was good with that clean/green look to it, although there was some scattered debris from the recent rain. Not too bad in most spots though.

    The low water and better visibility mean more gar and drums, but it was still a good night. After getting shad and skips, ( and losing my CELL PHONE!!! :mad: ) I hunkered down on my first spot. Didn't even have the second rod in the water when the first rod starts singing. Figuring it was a gar, I let it go while I baited up the second rod. Put #2 out and #1 was going the entire time. Picked up #1, made a hookset and Ta Da, nothing. Pulled in my bait and there is a big V across the bait with little holes. Yes, a gar. Rebaited and reset #1.

    10 minutes later, #2 goes off with that zip, zip, zip of a catfish. I set the hook and feel a good fish. I get the 8lber to the boat and realize that I left my net at home. :eek: I managed to get under his gill covers and haul him in but he wasn't happy about it. Turned him loose just as #1 starts singing again. I feel the fish and set- it's not a gar, but it isn't a catfish either. I pull in a 4 lb drum. This is a real smorgasboard! So, I've been on the water for 30 minutes and have two fish and a run already. The night looks good.

    2 hours later and no more fish, I am wondering who turned the switch off. Just like that, BANG- they turn off. Who knows why that happens??? Tried a couple different spots and then met up with Jigger and Madcatter. Donny greets me by hanging a 15+ catfish while I am anchoring. Jigger then matches my drum production by pulling up a good sized fish. I set the rods out and get bagelled.

    Moved to the last spot of the night- quiet, smooth water with a little current and no debris. I put the rods out and laid back. I covered everything from shallow to deep. ( 3'- 40') The outside deep rod goes off with a vengeance and the fish is moving fast. I set the hook and feel a real good fish. It's the best of the night. I pull the fish towards me and he strips a little drag off. I have my drags clamped down pretty good as I fish 65lb SpiderWire, so that is no small feat. 2 minutes later I bring the fish to the surface and I get a huge surprise. Staring me in the face is a drum that will go easily 15 lbs. I reach down with my glove and lip the fish and haul him in. This fish is a BEAST- I had never seen a drum this big. Not having my scale with me, I decide to measure him with the tape. 26" from snout to tail and 14" from top to bottom. Biggest drum I have ever seen personally. He swallowed my hook so he got the hook and part of the leader as a reminder of his night with me. Great fight, but I was disappointed that it wasn't a cat.

    Caught two more channels after that- nothing big, around 5 lbs each. I decided to quit early as I worked Saturday morning and was dreading it. Pulled the boat out and headed straight to the TLC Car Wash right there by Tanners. That's the great thing about a center console- no carpet and a self-draining cockpit. I can go in the car wash, pay $3 and blast all the blood guts out of the boat in 10 minutes. Super easy and it air dries as I drive home. Couldn't be easier.

    Fun night but not a great cat night. It sure was great to get out on the river again when it's smooth as glass.

  2. catking

    catking Banned

    That is one heck of a drum !!!! At least you had some action..THE CATKING !!!

  3. Nice to hear a good report with some little gar action. I think I will be out tonight if all goes well (Ohio and Kentucky waters, I got license for them. LOL). I guess I wont need to call you on your cell. LOL. Thats a pretty good drum. The biggest one I caught was over 10 LB easy. I caught him while fishing for sauger below Meldahl. I was using 6 LB test and a lite action rod. I thought I had a 10 LB walleye. Nothing wrong with drum though. Beats a stinkin gar any day.
  4. Sounds like a great night!!! I was sitting at a wedding wishing I could be out on the river. BTW, seems you forgot the net when we went out last year. Do I detect a pattern here? :D