Big Muskie and Smallies in the UP

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    I recently took a trip to the UP of Michigan to do some grouse hunting and some fishing and ended up with a nice bonus. In addition to some nice smallies, I managed to land this 39'' Muskie on a 7ft med action spinning rod with 8lb. Ironsilk line with a Gammie circle hook. I was floating a remote stretch of a river that I have caught a muskie on before, but a totally different area nearly 7 miles away from the spot I caught the first one about 4 yrs ago. As I glided to the bottom of a riffle in my kayak, I looked down and noticed something along the bottom. It was a muskie with a big scar on it's back. They scar looked white and was the only reason I noticed the fish. It looked like an eagle had tried to eat him for lunch and falied. He probably went about 35'' I backed up and tried to cast a topwater popper at him, but he did not want anything to do with it. I then tried a creek chub from my other pole and again nothing. So as I floated on down into the deep hole below this riffle I quickly changed my focus back to smallies since I had just managed a 17'' about a mile upstream. I put a fresh 6'' chub on the circle hook and tossed it toward shore and let it sit in the hole for about 30 sec. Just as I started to reel in for another cast, WHAM... he took it and I was only along for the ride. I got towed up stream about 50 yds then downstream at least that far. He started to wear down and only then did I get a chance to see what I had on as he came to the surface. I noticed the circle hook was set perfectly in the side of the mouth. This is when I got nervous since I did not have a steel leader. I got the fish to the kayak and tried to grab him behind the head and that failed miserably. I then got him back boatside and tried for the gills and opted not to do that again because I got my fingers shredded last time I did that. Then I tried to grab his tail and realized I just needed to get out of the boat to land this fish. That's when I started paddling over to the bank with one hand while holding the rod in the other. Once I got close to what looked like a nice easy shore to get out on, I slipped one leg out of the yak and into about 4ft. of nasty black mud. I ejected myself out of the kayak and finally managed to get myself and the fish on the bank. I was covered in mud and wet, but seriously pumped up. I measured it, had my dad take some pics and put him back to grow up to be a monster. Circle hooks are awesome BTW. I would not have landed this fish without one. My PB muskie. Photo is better to view in my gallery. I can't figure out how to make it bigger in this post.[​IMG]
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    Congratulations on a real nice musky. That is awesome! Sounds like a great place to fish to.


  3. Nice fish, congrat's.

  4. What area of the UP? I'm heading up there next week for a variety of fishing. One of our days will be spent on the paint river for muskies.
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    Cranium, I sent you a PM
    The Crystal Falls/ Iron River area in Iron Co. was where we spent our time. :B
  6. You are obviously a good fisherman and writer!! Thanks for sharing your story.