Big hoover Smally

Discussion in 'OGF Frontpage News' started by Rainer Wolf, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. went to hoover water...caught one big smallmouth ..startin season BiG

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  2. Nice job on the smallie another true hawg. hope you get into more real soon. Good Fishing!!

  3. Buzzin

    Buzzin Y

    Nice... looking forward to seeing some big hybrid bass this year too Rainer! Wtg
  4. Pigsticker

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    That's one of the best smalljaw I've ever seen from Hoover. Way to go!
  5. The pic is a little small, hard to see. From what I can see though, looks like a biggun, WTG!
  6. JamesT

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    Nice 5+ lb er! Football! Congrats.
  7. Helluva fish!
  8. Great looking bass - congrats.
  9. muddy,windy,cold water...hooked herself, twas biggest smally ever from hoover...saw bald eagles in their nest w/babies too....magic day. come to find out eagles have been on news a is depressing, so i dont watch it. No idea we had a family close by....i see pleasant hill eagle often, time 2 time eagles around erie(portage river)hoover? two? w/babies? wow!!!! absolutely magic hearing a bald eagle fly just overhead. all i could think of was eagles today....not 20inch smallmouth...crazy.
  10. JignPig Guide

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    Small picture but with a big giant fish in it! Awesome smallmouth.
  11. Hey Rainer. Travis sent this pic to me. Nice Hawg. He told me about the bald eagles. Can't wait to get out there with you guys.
  12. Mule


    nice catch...i caught a monster earlier this month out of the alum spillway....hopefully its a sign that some bigguns will be caught this year.
  13. What a pig.How was the portage?
  14. Nice catch Rainer Wolf! I am sure that was fun bringing in to the boat.
  15. skycruiser

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    fantastic fish! i didn't know there were footballs that big in hoover! bet it was a heck of a fight