Big GMR Channel Cat

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  1. The catfish are hitting! No Flatheads as of yet however I took three nice Channels yesterday on dead-six-inch Stonerollers. My brother caught a nice one on a piece of cut bait. Here is a pic of the big one. If I had to guess a weight I would say this fish is over fifteen pounds. Sorry about the cell-phone-picture quality. 266439325_899707098_0[1].jpg
  2. Nice fish, thats for sure!!

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    nice fish. congrats
  4. Not to start anything here, but as I keep looking, the picture must not be doing the fish any justice, from my guess its about 8-9 lbs tops but then again, it may have had a huge belly you cant tell sometimes pictures are quite deceiving. Get the berkley scale for next time and will keep the guessing out of it. I always carry a scale now as well as a camera and a tape measure, that eliminates any guess work, plus youll never really know how much it weighed so your personal best will be a guesstimate until you top it. Great fish any way you slice it!!

  5. I hear ya Salmonoid. It does look like a 10pounder give or take in the picture. Conceivable it could go either way. I'm a little biased when I claim over 15.