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  1. Been three years since I was able to ice fish but WalleyeGuy and Chippewa got me out today. We all connected on :B FO Gil's and minimum size kept was 9".:) We were on 3" of clear hard ice but when all three of us gathered around my "Lit Up Vex" things started to happen to the clear hard ice. I never saw Chippewa sidestep so fast and have no idea what WalleyeGuy did other than the next time I saw him he was about 25ft away at his holes.
    I'll add that Chippewa has a Marcum Flasher and it has a very bright/defined and clear signal. I would certainly consider the Marcum if in the market for a flasher.
    I have to sincerely thank these two friends for all the help they gave me today.:)
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    Shortdrift......Glad to see that you got back into action....and also had some great action....Nice to have friends that really care. Also the thing about 3 guys/a crowd/ to close/things happening to the ice/and peoples bodies in complete fast forward action........ah yes (new ice) you gotta love the things that it can create.......Best of luck to you this ice season....but from the sounds of your action guys don't need a whole lot of luck, so just keep up the good work..........jON sR.

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    hey shortdrift glad you got back out to your honey hole. i remember the pics from years ago.