Big fun on the Big Miami

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HaroldtheMeek, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Stopped by the old dam in Hamilton yesterday and got more than I bargained for.
    Was throwing a home made crankbait and landed a decent smallmouth. A few casts later I hung something huge. It took off and ran drag halfway across the face of the dam. Im thinking if this is a smallmouth its got to be a 5 pounder at least. I got so excited my hands started shaking. The fish never jumped though so i started thinking big catfish or carp. Sure enough, after a fight that seemed to last half an hour I landed a 28 inch channel that was foul hooked right in the dorsal fin. That was the hardest fight Ive ever had from a fish.
    Also got a 22 inch channel that ate the crankbait and a 19 inch saugeye.,also on the crankbait.
    Catfish may not be pretty, but they sure are strong.
  2. There are huge smallmouths around the old dam. I have caught a 19, 20 and a behemoth 22 incher there. They keep moving the dirt around below the dam and alot of the smallies have taken off for quieter surroundings. The other problem there is the guys fishing for cats. There is cut or snapped off line everywhere you cast after they get hung up on the rocks. I have lost a number of lures because of the submerged line left. They also leave bait containers and pop cans and general refuse all over the place. It is a disgrace. It has always amazed me when fishermen consider themselves outdoorsmen, and then trash places the way many of them do.