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Big Fish!

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by PIKEMAN, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. I've been on the quest to catch big catfish since my brother (A.K.A. JACKFISH) came up to visit and caught a 15# channel catfish in my back yard three years ago. I was content catching 12"-18" bass until I saw that beast!

    It has been a long journey....
    Three trips to Buckeye lake = 0 Flathead
    One trip to Grand Lake St. Marys = 0 Flathead
    About 1/2 dozen trips to GMR at West Carrollton = 0 Flathead
    One trip to Nimisila Reservoir = 0 Flathead
    Two trips to Tusc. River = 0 Flathead
    Four trips to various paylakes = 1 skinny, open wounded, pathetic 4# flatty
    Three trips to Tappan Lake...... FINALLY caught one on Monday!!

    Anyhow, I went fishing with my 6 year old son Sunday night at Tappan Lake. We hit the ramp about 10:30 PM, and had the boat in and lines set by 11:30 (takes a while to get the lines out between all of the questions/instructions from little guy). We rolled out the sleeping pads and mats, watched shooting stars for about an hour, then crashed. About 2:30 AM, I awoke to my bells rattling, and the drag ripping off of my 8 1/2' steelhead rod. 20 minutes later, I got my first look at what turned out to be a 51.2 Lb 47" Flathead. Little Joey slept through the whole ordeal. When he awoke the next morning, I told him that Daddy caught a fish, and to pull up the stringer and have a look. Having your six year old scream "Wholly Smokes Daddy, it's a giant fishy" - PRICELESS!

    My best catfish prior to this was a 12# channel cat, so I literally caught one over 400% that size! The humorous part to the story is that Steve (JACKFISH) was supposed to fish with me Sunday night. He called about 2:00 PM and backed out on me, giving me his guidance, "catch a nice one, but not too nice".

    Thanks to Jim at Cripple Creek Baitshop for weighing the fish, and for hooking up my son with a new Power Ranger fishing bobber! The fish was released in excellent health and swan away immediately when we put her back in the water.

    Sidenote: After I called JACKFISH and razzed him about backing out, he immediately went down to the GMR and proceed to bag a 23# flatty. Steve has caught dozens of these big flattys, but I will enjoy giving him grief about all of the "runts" that he catches!

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  2. BornToFish

    BornToFish Smallmouth Rule

    Nice Fish! Way to go! I love when a plan comes together.,Jonathan

  3. Wow! Great fish, great story, and great pic!

    Welcome to the 50# club...not that I would know anything about what that entitles one to.:rolleyes:
  4. A really great fish! :B Now you have a truly large challenge ahead in bettering that weight. Good luck on future trips.
  5. Nice Post, And a Nice Cat...............Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stan :)
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  6. Nice fish congrats :)
  7. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!

    I am really glad to see the big flathead you caught.

    If I had a nickle for every catman I sent to see Jim Corey I would have a pocket full of nickles. :D

    Glad you released the fish. Hopefully she will add some little flathead to the lake in her lifetime.
  8. NICE NICE FISH!!! I need to catch one of those PB is close to 30#
  9. this is really nice, great!
  10. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    congrats on a great :B
    as shortdrift said,now comes the challenge,lol.but spend eneough time fishing the right places,and hopefully you'll better it.
  11. Awesome Fish!! I bet he put up an a great powerful fight!
  12. Yup - that fish put up one heck of a fight. There was about a five minute stretch when she was straight down from the boat, +/- 5 yards in all directions, and I just couldn't get her to come to the surface of 5' of water. I had the drag tightened down pretty good, and was using 30# line, so she was getting plenty of pull.

    As for trying to catch a bigger one, I'm addicted, so I will keep trying. I went back to Tappan Friday & Saturday night with my boy to try to find some kin of that flathead. I managed to catch a handful of channel cats up to maybe 6 Lbs, but no flatheads. I did get one great run about 4:00 AM Saturday night. The night was perfectly silent and I awoke to the drag absolutely ripping off of my Shimano for about 4 seconds..... then nothing. I was fishing a circle hook with about a 10" sucker, so I waited, and waited, and waited for about 5 minutes. I finally reeled in expecting to find no bait, but I found my sucker with a nice big grab mark right across it's midsection.

    And I'll be back next weekend to try again.....
  13. Unreal – Pikeman made the transition from “one hit wonder” to flathead fisherman. :B I had the camera so I figure I go ahead and post this...

    I made the long haul (almost 4 hours) to meet up with him for some flats. As always, Jim at cripple creek is full of good info & good stories. We hit the water at dusk, massive storm pushes through – thunder & lightning, have to dock up on shore & find some cover – put a few really bad movies in the DVD player & leave rods out & wait. Storm clears, back on the water. Not to long in Pikeman pulls a channel, good fish – 7.5lbs. That’s ok; I can live with that one. About 2 am, we hear the bells, then we hear the drag – uh oh, it’s not my rod. As I ask, “how much of a fish do you have?” – the drag tears off some more and the rod doubles up “does that answer your question” – he laughs :D . It was a good strong bulldog fight & finally made it into the net. 42’ 35.10 pounds – all the fun I had poking fun at how my bro can’t catch catfish over the last few years is now going to haunt me. :confused:

    The 2nd night – (night of the tournament) – was slow. I had two good strong runs on my circle hooks, I have now decided that in my love/hate relationship with circle hooks that that hate is the current feeling – neither fish got hooked. I did manage a 5 or 6lb channel on the circle. Pike man had no hits all night – which he could live with after I reminder him he crushed my best flat, again.

    Got to meet JustCrazy – good to chat with another flatheader & OGF member – thanks for the input. Jim – thanks for the homemade ice cream, very tasty.

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